Scan To Database: How To Convert Paper Documents To Database Records

Data is king. And database is the hub of data. All business organizations have a database – whether SQL based or NoSQL based – that acts as a repository for all of their key business related information. But how would you use this database if the data to be used in it is only available in form of paper documents? Getting the data ‘out’ of scanned documents such as PDF, images or typed invoices is difficult. So what are the options extract data from documents and create database records from the extracted data? Continue reading “Scan To Database: How To Convert Paper Documents To Database Records”

Document Data Capture

Data Capture, as the name suggests, is the method of technically capturing data from various sources. We all know that data holds all the information and without information, there can be no solution. But if this data is available but can not be comprehended or properly studied, it is of no use. This is where Data Capture Softwares come into the picture. Data Capture Solutions capture the data trapped in different places and format it and organize it in a more structured form to be able to analyze it. An example is Docparser which helps businesses in capturing data from PDFs. Continue reading “Document Data Capture”

How Shield GEO Automated Their Business Workflow With Docparser (And Zapier)

Shield GEO is a Global Employment Organization that helps organisations in managing their employees internationally. In particular, they assist their clients in venturing out into new markets by managing and ensuring legal compliance of payroll, tax, immigration and employment requirements of their international employees.  Currently, Shield GEO manages hundreds of employees in over 50 countries.

Shield GEO uses Docparser to automate their business workflows, saving many hours of work per month and reducing operational costs considerably. Continue reading “How Shield GEO Automated Their Business Workflow With Docparser (And Zapier)”

Kofax vs Docparser: Is Docparser A Kofax Alternative?

In the domain of data extraction from documents, Kofax is the leader. And why shouldn’t it be? Kofax has been in the business of process automation and document processing space for long with operations in several countries. When compared to Docparser, which is relatively a newbie, Kofax is an old, big player. While Kofax operates in many areas, for the scope of this Docparser blog, we will limit ourselves to see if Docparser is an alternative to Kofax in the area of data extraction. Continue reading “Kofax vs Docparser: Is Docparser A Kofax Alternative?”