7 Back-Office Processes Manufacturers Can Automate to Save Millions

The manufacturing industry is certainly no stranger to automation. While production processes on the factory floor have seen astounding advances every decade for the past forty years, back-office processes have tended to lag behind, and many manufacturing companies are still drowning in paper, repetitive manual tasks, and legacy systems. 

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10 Retail Store Automation Examples That Save Hours Each Day!

Retail store owners and mom-and-pop shops all over the word are steadily introducing retail automation tools and software into their brick-and-mortar businesses. The benefits are just too irresistible. Automating parts of your small business can literally save hours of work each day for store owners and thousands of dollars a month in wasted expenses.

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How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase

PDF and scanned documents are widely used to exchange information pertaining to a variety of documents including contracts, invoices, price lists, sales and purchase orders, HR forms, bank statements and more.  However, because these documents are considered finalized versions, often times the data is not easily editable so extracting the information in a usable format can be a challenging and tedious task that usually required manual intervention! Continue reading “How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase”

Best Software to Extract Tables from PDF (and export them to Excel, CSV, …)

PDF files and scanned documents are ubiquitous in today’s business environment. Often times, important business data is trapped inside these documents and extracting data from PDF is unfortunately more often than not a manual and tedious task. This task becomes even more daunting when we need to extract tables from PDFs or scanned images. Continue reading “Best Software to Extract Tables from PDF (and export them to Excel, CSV, …)”

ChronoScan vs. Docparser

ChronoScan Capture is a document and data capture software that works like a complete suite for document scanning and data entry. Among the many softwares that are available for data extraction and data capture, ChronoScan is a well known name. In this article we present you a fair ChronoScan vs. Docparser comparison with the goal of finding the best solution for your business. Continue reading “ChronoScan vs. Docparser”

Scan To Database Software: How To Convert Paper Documents To Database Records

Data is king, and databases are the hub of data. All business organizations have a database – whether SQL based or NoSQL based – that acts as a repository for all of their key business related information. But how would you use this database if the data to be used in it is only available in form of paper documents? Getting the data out of scanned documents such as PDF, images or typed invoices is difficult. So what are the options when it comes to “scan to database software” that can create database records from documents? Read on and find out! Continue reading “Scan To Database Software: How To Convert Paper Documents To Database Records”

Document Data Capture

We all know that data holds all the information and without information, there can be no solution – But if this data is available but can not be comprehended or properly studied, it is of no use. This is where automated data capture softwares come into the picture. Data Capture Solutions capture the data trapped in different places and format it and organize it in a more structured form to be able to analyze it. Document data capture, as the name suggests, is the method of technically capturing data from document. An example is Docparser which helps businesses in capturing data from PDFs. Continue reading “Document Data Capture”