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Manufacturers need to optimize their processes and be as efficient as possible. Docparser helps manufacturers around the world to streamline document based procument processes.

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Manufacturing Goods Is Complex And Comes With A Long Papertrail

Manufacturers need to optimize their processes and be as efficient as possible in order to compete in today’s fast paced economy. Time to market is crucial for manufacturers and intelligent process automation is key to success.

Manufacturing comes however with a long paper trail. From component suppliers to distributors, business transactions are mostly triggered through documents and come in as email attachments, via fax or even snail mail. While all the important data is seamingly at your fingertips, accessing data trapped inside PDF documents is often difficult and manually re-keying data is the default solution. Manual data entry is however not only tedious, but also error-prone and costly.

Automate Document Based Processes With Docparser

The inflow and outflow of components and merchandise produces massive amounts of shipping notes, inventory lists, invoices and purchase and sales orders. Staying on top of all that data in an efficient way is critical for success. Docparser offers powerful document processing and workflow automation tools which instantly improve efficiency and boost your bottom line.


Sistema Plastics is a major manufacturer of plasticware based in New Zealand and exports to countries around the world. We receive some of our purchase orders from customers in a variety of PDF formats and these can be very long and complex to process. We used to have to manually rekey this information from PDFs into Excel for review and importing to our ERP system. Since implementing Docparser we have been able to set up rules for each customer that quickly extract the order details into Excel in a useful format. Docparser has been invaluable and has reduced processing time of some orders from many hours down to minutes. By removing rekeying we have also increased order accuracy and reduced errors. There are other extraction tools available online, but what made Docparser stand out to us was the wide range of extraction rules available to cope with even the most complicated PDF formats.

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Extract Key Data From PDF Documents

Docparser is an easy to use data extraction tool which allows you to automatically pull data from recurring document types. Our PDF processing solution allows you to set rules to extract critical information from Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping Notes and more. The setup typically takes only a couple of minutes and you will see a positive ROI instantly.

Boost Your Business With Non-Disruptive Workflow Automation

Docparser is an inexpensive and agile alternative to EDI. You can automatically import documents through email forwarding, our API or one of our integration partners. Incoming documents are processed in real-time and the extracted data can automatically be sent to Google Sheets, your API, or any other cloud platform thanks to our integration options.