Powerful Integrations to Automate Your Business

Docparser is built for the modern cloud stack. Adding a new row inside a database, creating or updating records in your ERP or CRM system, sending data from PDF to Google Sheets … we have you covered!


Direct Integrations

Docparser offers direct integrations with some of the leading cloud-based services.


Want to automatically populate a Google Spreadsheet with data which is trapped in PDF or scanned documents? Convert PDF Table Data into Google Spreadsheets with Docparser.


Connect your Google Drive account and automatically import documents to Docparser.


Connect your Box account and automatically import documents to Docparser.


Connect your Dropbox account and automatically import documents to Docparser.


Send parsed data to Salesforce CRM and create new records on the fly. Create new records for any standard or custom object.


Docparser can retrieve documents stored in your OneDrive account and we can also send any documents we parse for you to your OneDrive account.


Send your extracted data directly to one of your existing Excel files that is stored in Microsoft OneDrive.

Integration Platforms

Use your favorite integration platform to connect to thousands of other cloud-based services. These are “low code” or “no code” solutions that allow non-programmers to connect services and automate business processes.


Connect all your apps and automate workflows. Zapier moves data between your web apps automatically, so you can focus on your most important work.


Microsoft Power Automate allows you to automate business processes using Microsoft products and third-party products. Send documents from Sharepoint to Docparser or send data extracted from invoices from Docparser to MS Dynamics. 


Automate tasks across thousands of cloud and on-premise apps. Workato is an enterprise ready platform for all your integration needs.


Use Make (formerly Integromat) to connect Docparser to hundreds of other cloud-based services that you may not find elsewhere.


Connect to dozens of apps on the FileMaker ecosystem with Claris Connect. Automate entire business processes for fewer distractions in your work.


Docparser offers other ways to send and receive data. Developers use our webhooks and API functionality to automate lots of processes that require OCR and data extraction services. On the simpler side, you can just email documents to us.


Connect your FTP server so documents are automatically pulled into our system, processed, and sent wherever you need.

The simplest integration ever! Email your documents to Docparser and we will extract data from the attachments.


Use Webhooks to send data extracted from PDF and scanned documents to any HTTP(S) endpoint in real-time.


Use Webhooks to send data extracted from PDF and scanned documents to any HTTP(S) endpoint in real-time.

Your favorite application is not listed above? Contact us and we will figure out how we can help you.