Everything You Need to Turn Documents into Structured Data

Automate your workflow and capture data with ease with Docparser’s powerful features.

No Code Data Extraction

Convert PDFs, Word or scanned documents to data in any format with fast and easy setup… no technical skills or coding required.

Smart Layout
Data-Specific Rules

Use our pre-built rules to extract formatted data like dates, email addresses, invoice numbers, purchase order numbers and more.


We have specific rules for common document types. Invoices, Purchase Orders, Bills of Lading, Bank Statements, Work Orders & more.

Powerful Custom Parsing Rules

Create parsing rules that are 100% tailored to your use case. A parsing rule is a set of simple instructions that tell our parsing engine what type of data you want to extract.

Extract Line Item Data

Docparser allows you to extract and format repeating text patterns and tables from PDF files, Word & Image docs making this complex task a snap.

Powerful Image

Advanced image preprocessing options will help clean up your document to make it easier for our system to read. We can even rotate pages to the proper orientation.

Download Your Parsed Data

You are able to download your parsed document data directly in multiple file formats, such as converting to CSV, Excel, JSON and XML files.

Integrate With REST API

Use our HTTP API to import documents and obtain your parsed data. Sending extracted document data to any HTTP endpoint in real-time is simple with our webhook feature.


Maintain past copies of the Parsers in your account so you can restore them later or build new parsers from them.


You can process multiple layout variations with a single document parser, making it easier and more efficient to parse your documents.

Streamline Your Workflow with Docparser

Discover the key Docparser features and start automating your business today.

Featured Documents

Regardless of the source, our no-code platform is specifically designed for business users and transforms documents into valuable insights and actionable data.


Are you receiving Invoices for Accounts Payable via email, fax or snail mail? Replace your manual data entry routine with our innovative fully automated invoice data extraction system.


Streamline your order fulfillment process with an automated Purchase Order parser. Eliminate manual data entry and send order details to your desired endpoint in real time.

Shipping & Delivery Orders

Extracting data from delivery confirmations and other shipping documents is simple with our pre-built template and rules.

Bank & Credit Card Statements

Easily extract transactions and account details from PDF bank and credit card statements. Automatically download bank statements as Excel and CSV, or automatically update your accounting software.

Fillable PDF Forms

Automatically batch process filled PDF forms and convert your documents into actionable data.

Bill of Lading

Use our pre-built parser and rules to extract data from your incoming bills of lading.

Form Based Contracts

Convert standardized documents like rental & leasing contracts, warranty & insurance agreements, into data you can actually work with.

HR & Admin Documents

Stuck with a legacy HR system which produces standardized PDF documents? Convert applications, enrollment forms, reports, payroll or any other HR related documents into actionable data.

Work Orders & Service Tickets

Buried in work orders sent in from your team in the field? Extract the data automatically and send it to your ERP system, property management system, CRM system, etc.

Revolutionize Your Document Workflow

Streamline your operations with cutting-edge data extraction technology and eliminate the need for time-consuming manual processing.

Featured Industries

Docparser streamlines document processing and data collection tasks, catering to various business processes and use cases across different industries through automation.

Accounting & Bookkeeping

Automate time-consuming, tedious accounting tasks with Docparser. Automatically convert invoices, purchase orders or bank statements to Excel or CSV files.

Brick & Mortar

Running a retail business usually comes with mountains of paperwork. Docparser extracts key data from recurring documents and streamlines your document-based processes.

Data Service Providers

Scrape data from PDF documents on scale. Docparser offers a powerful set of tools to convert semi-structured PDF documents into easy-to-handle structured data.


Streamline your operations by leveraging the power of document parsing. Extract key data from purchase orders, recurring invoices, shipping orders and other documents.

Food & Catering

Revolutionize your document workflow model with our robust PDF processing options

Logistics & Warehousing

Do you need to keep track of a constant stream of incoming goods and shipped orders? Quick and accurate processing of shipping notes & delivery orders will make the difference for your business.


Manufacturers need to optimize their processes and be as efficient as possible. Docparser helps manufacturers around the world to streamline documents and be as efficient as possible.

Printing & Publishing

Printing & Publishing companies need to stay on top of a constant stream of incoming job orders. Docparser helps automating order processing and eliminates manual data entry.

Wholesale & Distribution

The Wholesale & Distribution industry is a fast-paced dynamic environment where reliable tracking of goods, purchase and sales orders, delivery notes, and invoices are a priority

Frequently Asked Questions

Docparser can extract data from a wide variety of documents, including invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, bank statements, work orders, and more.

Docparser uses pre-built rules, specific rules for common document types, and powerful custom parsing rules to extract data from documents. A parsing rule is a set of simple instructions that tell Docparser’s parsing engine what type of data to extract. 

Yes, Docparser can extract and format repeating text patterns and tables from PDF files, Word & Image docs using a set of tools filters. 

Yes, Docparser comes with a built-in OCR engine that allows you to extract text from scanned documents. Advanced Zonal OCR techniques help you to extract text data precisely from where you need it. 

You can download your parsed document data directly in multiple file formats, including CSV, Excel, JSON, and XML files. 

Yes, you can simply drag and drop documents from your local disk to upload your files in batches. You can also use our API or cloud integrations to automatically import your documents. 

You can email your documents to Docparser, forward emails with documents attached, or upload them directly to the platform. You can also connect your cloud storage provider through our integration partners and import documents automatically.