Powerful Data Capture And Workflow Automation Features From Docparser

Docparser is a data capture solution built for today’s modern cloud stack. Automatically fetch documents from various sources, extract the data you are looking for, and move it to where it belongs in real-time. Discover the key Docparser features and start automating your business today.

Document Capture And Data Extraction Made Easy

Build a customized document capture and data extraction solution within minutes. Convert PDFs, Word or scanned documents to data in any format with fast and easy setup… no technical skills or coding required.

Smart Layout Parsing Presets

Our layout parser comes with many parsing presets covering the most common use-cases. Our presets get you started in minutes and can be tweaked and extended to fit your needs.

Powerful Custom Parsing Rules

Create parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your use-case. A parsing rule is a set of simple instructions which tell our parsing engine what type of data you want to extract.

Extract Tabular Data

Docparser allows you to extract and format repeating text patterns and tables from PDF files, Word & Image docs. We provide a set of tools filters that make this complex task a snap.

Smart Filters For Invoice Processing

Our smart filters for invoice processing automatically extract header data (invoice ID, date, totals, net, tax amounts, …) from invoices – out of the box and without any training.

Blazing Fast Processing

Imported documents are processed immediately. Usually it takes less than a minute to import a document, preprocess it, extract all data fields from it and send the data to other apps.

OCR Support For Scanned Documents

Our built-in OCR engine allows you to extract text from scanned documents. Advanced Zonal OCR techniques help you to extract text data precisely from where you need it.

Powerful Image Preprocessing

Advanced image preprocessing options (deskewing, noise removal, removal of scanning artifacts, …) guarantee superior OCR accuracy levels.

Barcode and QR-Code Detection

Docparser comes with a built-in Barcode and QR-code scanner. Reading barcodes from documents allows you to identify a specific form layout or detect parcel shipping numbers.

Upload Files In Batches

Simply drag and drop documents from your local disk to upload your files in batches. You can also use our API or cloud integrations to automatically import your documents.

Send Documents As Email Attachment

You can import your documents by simply sending them to a dedicated Docparser email address. You can either manually forward emails to us or use an automated forwarding filter.

Download Your Parsed Data

You can download your parsed document data directly in multiple file formats – convert to CSV, Excel, JSON and XML files.

Integrate With Our API

Use our HTTP API to import documents and obtain your parsed data. Sending extracted document data to any HTTP endpoint in real-time is simple with our webhook feature.

Fetch Documents From Cloud Storage Providers

Connect your cloud storage provider (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, …) through our integration partners and import documents automatically.

Send Parsed Data To Hundreds Of Cloud Apps

Our integration partners allow you to connect Docparser to literally hundreds of cloud applications. We also offer direct integrations with Google Spreadsheets and Salesforce.

Import Your Business Documents

Docparser can automatically fetch PDF files, Word docs and scanned images from various sources for you. You can connect your cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), use our REST API, email your files in as attachments, or simply upload them with our secured application.

Train Your Custom Document Parser

Our parsing engine extracts relevant data fields from your documents based on parsing rules which are 100% tailored to your needs. Creating parsing rules for our PDF and Document Parser is easy and requires zero coding. Docparser can identify and extract data using Zonal OCR technology, advanced pattern recognition or with the help of anchor keywords. Once set up, new documents are automatically processed and you’ll get structured and easy-to-handle data in return.

Move Your Data To Where It Belongs

Docparser was built for the modern cloud stack. Whether it is adding a new row inside a database, creating or updating a record in your ERP or CRM system, sending business data from PDF to Google Sheets, we have it all covered for you! Connecting Docparser to literally thousands of cloud applications is a snap thanks to our integration partners (Zapier, Workato, MS Power Automate and Claris Connect). And of course you can also download your data in ExcelCSVJSON or XML format.

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