Automatically Process Standardized Legal Documents

Does running your business involve rental & leasing contracts, warranty & insurance agreements, or other form based contracts? Docparser converts standardized documents into data you can actually work with. Try our data parsing software on your legal documents, for free.

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Are You Manually Processing Standardized PDF Contracts?

If running your business involves rental & leasing contracts, warranty & insurance agreements or other standardized legal documents you know the drill. Manually processing those standardized legal documents is a tedious, error-prone and time consuming process. With Docparser you can break out of your manual copy & paste routine and automate your document based workflows.

Convert Standardized Legal Documents Into Actionable Data

Docparser is a leading PDF parser solution, working with clients in a wide range of industries to solve their data workflow automation needs. Once set up, Docparser automatically processes new documents for you and gives you easy-to-handle structured data in return. The extracted document data can be downloaded in different file formats (PDF to Excel or CSV) for manual post-processing, backup or to upload to another platform. Thanks to our integration partners, Docparser can also update third party applications in real time, such as Google SheetsSalesforce or many other CRM and ERP systems.


We are an official sales representative of Empire Today and close several contracts each day. The contracts are sent to us by Empire Today as PDF documents attached to emails. We need to create a new record in our CRM system for each contract and until now it took us several hours of manual data entry each week to perfom this task. By using Docparser we were able to automate the entire process. Each time we receive a new contract, the incoming email gets directly forwarded to Docparser. The contracts are then processed in real-time and the extracted data gets sent to Zapier with a webhook. Zapier then takes the contract information and automatically moves it over to our CRM as a sold contract. In addition, the email address from the contract gets automatically added to a customer follow up list on Mailchimp. This was a tedious and time-consuming manual process so far. With Docparser we were able to fully automate the entire process and we save several hours each week.

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Extracting Data From Contracts and Agreements Is A Snap With Docparser

Most legal documents come in a standardized fixed format with only the signatory data and some other contract related data changing. Training Docparser to such document formats takes only a couple of minutes. Our easy to use point & click interface lets you extract data from PDF by simply drawing a rectangle around the area where specific data is expected. More advanced tools let you extract data fields from variable positions as well as post-process the extracted data (e.g. formatting dates).