Automate Wholesale & Distribution Order Fulfillment

The Wholesale & Distribution industry is a fast paced dynamic environment where reliable tracking of goods, purchase and sales orders, delivery notes, and invoices are a priority.

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Wholesale Companies Need To Process Huge Volumes Of Documents

Massive inflow and outlflow of shipping notes, inventory lists, invoices and purchase and sales orders provide challenges for many wholesale companies. Staying “on top” of received goods and products shipped to customers is however critical for accurate inventory counts, shipping timelines and the accounting ledger.

Despite of the ongoing digitalization, wholesale companies still need to process a significant amount of “paper” documents and the default answer to this problem is often manual data entry. Re-keying data from PDF documents is however time-consuming, error-prone and will ultimately hinder the growth of any company.

Leveraging Existing Document Data For Non-Disruptive Process Automation

Docparser is a cloud based document processing and workflow solution which helps hundreds of business around the globe to streamline document based business processes. Docparser provides a set of powerful data extraction tools which make it easy to automatically pull data from incoming documents, such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping Notes and more.


At WCG we are specialized in digital business strategy and integrating innovative technologies within the wholesale market. One of our goals is to increase the productivity of our customers by automating time consuming business processes.

Despite of far-reaching digitalization, wholesale companies still have to deal with a considerable flow of “paper” documents which need to be processed. Manually processing a never ending stream of incoming documents such as sales orders is not only time-consuming and tedious, but also error-prone and costly.

We chose Docparser as a trusted technology partner who plays an indispensable role in our data processing and workflow automation toolchain. Docparser allows us to automatically extract data from sales orders and receipts and send the extracted data to ERP systems, data integration platforms or analytics solutions in real-time.

By leveraging document parsing technology such as Docparser, our customers see an instant increase in productivity and cost savings. Our recent customer STAXS ® achieved significant time savings by automatically processing sales orders which they receive in form of PDF documents. The sales department at STAXS ® aims at processing at least 70% of all incoming orders in a fully automated manner without the need of human interaction. By using Docparser in combination with the Dovetail data integration platform, this goal was already reached within a few weeks.

WCG together with STAXS ®

PDF Parsing As An Alternative To EDI

Docparser was built for the modern cloud stack. Our various integration options allow our customers to automate entire business processes and move document data to where it belongs in real-time. Parsed data can be sent through webhooks, our integration partners or by utilizing our API.

Docparser is an inexpensive and agile alternative to EDI. Our data extraction engine makes it easy to convert PDF document to JSONXML or CSV and integrates seamlessly with existing platforms.