Offering ERP Clients EDI Alternatives

Docparser offers entities looking to minimize paper transactions, a seamless PDF data extraction and interchange solution. In as little as 15 minutes you can be up, running and already watching your layout parser extracting data from PDF documents. Clients often have a combination of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and PDF data transactions, and are looking for ways to turn their PDF transactions into a similar output, having data sent to their preferred endpoint after the appropriate data is extracted.

We are finding more people looking to the additional flexibility that is provided by Docparser. EDI’s are often intimidating to many businesses, causing them to re-work processes and train staff. Resulting in avoidance in lieu of bulky out-dated PDF or paper copy transactions. The good news however is Docparser’s turnkey, (EDI alternative) solution. Offering export and integration options to suit your business needs. Have piles of documents needing to be scanned and manually input? No problem, Docparser’s OCR technology allows you to easily extract data, in addition to traditional PDF’s. Have invoices, purchase orders, sales orders and shipping notes coming in from a range of clients, all with different PDF layouts? This too is not a problem with our flexible software. Simply create a layout parser for each type of document you have, and then batch all future files. Additionally, you can send them individually via our email option or api to ensure that you are in getting data processed in real-time.

What does this mean for Electronic Data Interchange clients that want to incorporate PDF processing into their offerings? Simply that our cloud based software can be set-up quickly, with an incredible amount of flexibility. Define as many parsing rules that you like for table extraction and for data in fixed or varied location. Need to only draw our certain sections of the data? We do that too with our targeted parsing templates. Data can be formatted, filtered, and processed within the app. Docparser offers an EDI alternative, where finished data can be sent nearly anywhere, integrated with hundreds of apps, or downloaded in CSV, Excel, JSON and XML formats.

See why many of our EDI clients are expanding into PDF parsing and data processing as an EDI alternative for their clients. Docparser offers a free account and exceptional support to get you set-up and parsing in no time. Have a question? Contact us.

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