Docparser Change History


August 7:

  • Improvement of the download file logic to prevent time out errors of extremely large downloads

August 3:

  • Fixed issue with column widths on Documents Page being inconsistent after reparsing
  • Based on customer feedback moved the create parser button to avoid accidental clicking of top parser in list
  • Fixed issue where Automatically Find Invoice Totals > Tax Total was including handling or shipping costs

July 27:

  • Add new Default Extended Retention setting
  • Removed Pause Subscription feature

July 25:

  • Changed length of trial period to 14 days
  • Added new functionality so customers can easily deal with all failed documents in one place

July 20:

  • Fixed bug with blank template names being pre-populated with a “1”
  • Backend error monitoring improvements

July 18:

  • Fixed bug that prevented display of matching documents after change of logic in Model Routing view

July 17:

  • Load balancing enhancements for Parsing Queue
  • Revamped design of Multi-Layout Parsers for improved UX
  • Added pagination settings to Documents page
  • Removed Duplicate Parser Button from Parser Settings

July 13:

  • Release much improved Document Picker design with a search function and better UX

July 11:

  • Since everyone on Template Library we removed support for old Template List page

July 6:

  • Fixed issue where clicking on failed webhook was not displaying in the Webhooks section of the page
  • Some improvements to the CSS display on the raw data section in filter view
  • Fixing width of pulldown in Find Numbers filter to show entire word “automatic”
  • Visual Rules Editor & Cropping Tool moved out of Beta and released to production

July 3:

  • A new choice added to when you want to add a row via a filter. You can pick LAST which puts it at the end no matter how many rows there are in document.
  • Changes to Version Control to improve application visibility
  • Load Balancing improvements for the Parsing Queue

June 28:

  • Published three new parser templates. Also added a new Industry (Energy) and Category (Tax Forms)
  • Fixed highlighting colors in Documents Page when document details is opened

June 27:

  • Added preprocessing settings for extra OCR engine
  • Added new email to send list of failed documents to customers
  • Fixed styling issues with Show Model Routing Rules Page

June 22:

  • All customers now on the new design and template library

June 15:

  • Added new logic to automatically reparse documents in limbo due to lack of parsing credits
  • Bug fix for problem causing some menus within rules area to appear twice

June 12:

  • Fixed issue importing large documents with preprocessing split setting causing duplicates
  • Removed support for old visual design of application

June 9:

  • Added new Parser Template for LSC Communications Invoices

June 7:

  • Improved display of sample documents for usage in new design

June 1:

  • Launched new application visual design
  • Added new OCR engine
  • Fixed issues with creating download links containing an excessive amount of data
  • Added logic to Version Control to not ask to save a backup of a parser when restoring if you ALREADY have a backup of active logic

May 24:

  • Added new Remove Rows Where filter
  • Styling improvements to main Parser Template page
  • Load balancing fixes to further limit heavy users from impacting others
  • Fixed logic on default ordering on Parser List Page to show expected results when you click on a heading

May 23:

  • Launched new Parser Template Library with 12 NEW templates

May 18:

  • Improved visual cropping tool styling when selecting a small area
  • Fixed navigational issues when dragging in an incompatible file to the document upload page
  • Fixed issues with new cropping tool forgetting your selected sample document

May 8:

  • New load balancing system for re-parsing. Whenever customers re-parse a high number of documents — we will balance the load to limit impact on other parsers or other customers

May 4:

  • Added tooltips on settings page for design & cropping tool preferences
  • Slight CSS fix on API page
  • Column rules for tables in new design now have delete icons on top and bottom

April 25:

  • Fixed issue in new design where Multi Layouts Routing Setup had no matching documents
  • Updated design of 2FA code page on secure login
  • Fixed ordering of parser versions on Version Control page to show most recent version on top by default
  • Altered design on Zapier Integration to have much more width for building logic
  • Added new Insert Row feature to Remove & Merge Rows filter
  • Add Delete Tool to Documents Page in actions column to easily delete individual documents

April 20:

  • Fixed issue where blank fields for Text Filter > More Filters > Keyword Based Tagging displayed some text in the background that should not have been there
  • Fixed bugs with sorting Parsers on Parser List View for customers with a large amount of parsers

April 13:

  • Upgraded our Zapier integration to use “Full Zapier Experience” allowing for editing of integration entirely within Docparser
  • Fixed CSS issues on Managed Account page usage stats popup
  • Fixed some CSS issues on Subscription Page

April 10:

  • When adding a new filter, you will now automatically have your view scrolled to the new filter for working on it

April 6:

  • Rebuilt Create Download Links page for new design

April 3:

  • Added ability to sort by parsed date within our API
  • New logic system for automatically handling stuck documents

March 28:

  • Fixed font display issues with new design on Mac Safari browser
  • Fixed minor left nav styling issue on new design
  • Fixed styling issue on legacy design for Parser List view column ordering icons
  • Fixed Subscription page credits and pricing information for customers on Custom Plans

March 21:

  • Minor styling bug fixes in new Docparser design

March 20:

  • Fixed display bugs in new design on Subscription page in Purchase Additional Credits area
  • Minor styling fixes in new Docparser design

March 9:

  • Added ability in settings for customers to change design and/or parsing rules experience
  • Launched beta version of new visual cropping tool & rules editor

March 1:

  • Improved design of reset password feature

February 20:

  • Fixed bug with BoL Number Rules dictionaries not properly responding to edits or additions

February 1:

  • Added Created Date & Last Edited Date to parser list view page
  • Launched new collapsible left nav bar

January 25:

  • Improvements to our Google Spreadsheet integration

January 18:

  • Added support for Select All Documents on search results
  • Added status section to Version Control to indicate the active version
  • Updated Integromat branding on Parser Integration page to “Make”

January 9:

  • Added support for recognizing negative numbers
  • Fixed bug in left navigation area on certain PC browsers
  • Added Spanish dictionaries to parsing rules
  • Added new options for  selection choices for download links


December 29:

  • Fixed bug forcing OCR off the preprocessing setting (drop pages) not working properly
  • Improve performance of queries for download links, webhooks and file-fetch APIs

December 20:

  • Added the “All” option to the “Keep Rows Where” column table filter
  • Fixed bug with incorrect date shown in subscription for customers without a refill date

December 6:

  • Fixed bug where cancelled accounts show incorrect refill messages on subscription page
  • Fixed bug where customers coming out of pause might get billed incorrectly
  • Improved automated parsing credit purchasing experience
  • Changed logic for customers in pending cancellation — picking a new plan now means plan is no longer scheduled to cancel in future
  • Tied webhook retention time setting to Parser Settings > Data Retention Value

November 29:

  • Added in logic to enforce parser creation limits for all plans
  • Added “All” option to the “Format Dates” and “Format Numbers” in the “Format Cell Content” category filter 

November 15:

  • Fixed bugs with multifactor authentication add on permissions and settings logic
  • Updated to showing 30 most recent invoices on customer billing page

November 14:

  • Added additional parsing queue with overflow logic to prevent congestion during unusually heavy activity

November 10:

  • Fixed bug that could prevent a duplicated parser from being deleted
  • Fixed navigational CSS issue on Microsoft Edge browser
  • Fixed bug where some customers were mistakenly shown low credit balance alerts
  • Added Last Name field to managed account creation form

November 9:

  • Added back search by parser ID functionality to parser page

November 1:

  • Added logic to make it clear to customers unable to parse new documents due to a lack of parsing credits
  • Fixed bug where annual plan customers were getting non-applicable messages about low parsing credits
  • Reduced pricing of Extended Retention Add On
  • Removed extra credits purchasing options from annual plan customers as annual plans renew automatically when credits are out

October 27:

  • Renamed left navigation item within a parser to Parser Settings to better distinguish from account settings

October 18:

  • More fixes for pre-processing logic issues

October 13:

  • Fixed bug with pre-processing logic

October 11:

  • Complete rehaul of backend system for uploading & parsing documents for major performance boosts

September 28:

  • Improved performance while working with multiple filters and rules

September 19:

  • Performance enhancements for customers with an extremely high amount of parsers

September 15:

  • Fixed some slight CSS issues on new signup and login pages

September 6:

  • Revamped the design of the login and new customer signup pages
  • Updated database server software

August 23:

  • Fixed bugs with alert bars blocking access to the Change Sample Document function
  • Resolved flaw in our Download Link > Files Received Since Last Download logic causing some files to be ignored
  • Added enhancements for improved error handling to prevent customers from being logged out of the application during times of unexpected behaviors or database delays

August 18:

  • Changed logic on downloads links to refer to first parse time instead of uploaded at time in last download option
  • Fixed issues where customers are logged out due to application or database issues

July 7:

  • Fixed bug that could cause double billing issues after plan upgrades or credit card updates
  • Fix problems with resubscribing after failed payments
  • Fixed bug with customers that purchase a paid setup before choosing a subscription plan
  • Fixed bug with some extra credit purchases not being reflected within Docparser properly
  • Fixed issue with integration field mapping breaking when a no-value mapping is in between two columns with a value

June 6:

  • Fixed issues with customers getting incorrect credit card messages
  • Added a Remove Columns Filter to add ability to remove more than one column at a time

May 18:

  • Changed action button text to make things less confusing
  • Fixed CSS bug related to customer account alerts

May 9:

  • Added support for Stripe invoices for one-time payments or other non-subscription payments
  • Fixed spacing issue on Create Parsers page on Mac > Safari
  • Fixed issues with Google spreadsheet integration

April 26:

  • Fixed CSS bug with Model Layouts

April 21:

  • Fixed bugs with Managed Accounts billing page not showing proper invoice data

April 7:

  • Add new feature for multifactor authentication
  • Fixed bug with DOCX files containing more pages than original file
  • Added new feature for parser version control

March 1:

  • Increased repeating text block max length from 40 to 100
  • Enhancements related to recent new Microsoft OneDrive integration
  • Failed payment email now includes last4 of credit card for reference
  • Failed payments now are displayed on billing page for customer awareness
  • Added automated billing solution for customers that run out of credits
  • Webhook alert email tweaks
  • Fixed issues causing browser hangups when editing parser in two different tabs
  • Resolved bug where customers on sunsetted subscription plans were unable to subscribe to a new plan

February 24:

  • Added Microsoft OneDrive integration

February 15:

  • Fixed issues causing forced logout behavior
  • Resolved problems with session dropping with default OCR mode + cropping over 30 pages
  • Added Bill of Lading parser type
  • Improved usability for credits left graphic
  • Improved rules order for parsers
  • Improved user interface for naming new parsers

February 1:

  • Fixed issues with two-factor authentication breaking URL redirects
  • Verified Dropbox integration up to date with upcoming changes
  • Added auto-refreshing of parsing status on Documents page
  • Added Reparse Option after saving new parsing rule
  • Improved navigation within Integrations pages
  • Fixed issues with SSO authentication breaking URL redirects

January 26:

  • Resolved situations where a customer cannot get back to the previous page to edit Google Drive integrations settings
  • Added a “Back to Integration Overview” button to all integrations pages that did not already have one


December 15:

  • Major backend updates completed

December 8:

  • Fixed expiration dates display bug for annual plan customers
  • Removed webinar reminder that was overlapping area for new search bar on Parsers page

November 23:

  • Major backend updates completed
  • Minor text fix for subscription page
  • The “Create New Parser” button was moved from the far right of the screen to make it more visible and quicker to get to

November 18:

  • We updated our servers to support only TLS 1.2

November 11:

  • Added search functionality to the Parser Panel View page


  • Made panel view default view on parsers main page (for desktop users). Added user settings to pick preferred parser view
  • Added “select all” checkbox for easier rules bulk action selection
  • Added left navigation menu for parser pages to minimize navigational confusion
  • Adding closing ‘X’ for email confirmation popup on Download and Integrations pages
  • Minor fix on data retention notifications
  • Billing plan pause fixes for subscription page and emails


  • Added the ability to pause subscriptions for 3 or 6 month periods
  • Added Duplicate Parsing Rule bulk action
  • Upgraded Copy Parser functionality with more granular controls

JULY 21:

  • Added more automatic rules for newly-created Invoice and PO parsers
  • Added more metadata for all methods of export

JUNE 15:

  • Added Create-a-Sheet functionality to Google Sheets integration

JUNE 10:

  • Added ‘Set to value of next row’ Fill Empty Cells filter option

MAY 25:

  • Updated new yearly pricing plans to give out all yearly credits upfront

MAY 6:

  • Improved automatic detection for date formatting


  • Added Microsoft Single Sign-On
  • Added Parser Search Documents feature


  • Added support for DOC/DOCX file processing


  • Added Remove Row [X] filter
  • Added search function to parser dropdown if over 50 parsers are in an account


  • Added Word Count filter
  • Documents now bypass the integration queue if no integrations are active


  • Added support for multiple strings in a Search & Replace filter


  • Autoscaling improvements in Parser UI
  • Added delimiter to allow multiple Search & Replace filters at once


  • Processing speed improvements for larger documents



  • Added ability to delete multiple parsing rules at once
  • Updated Privacy Policy for GDPR, CCPA compliance


  • Added auto scrolling when cropping an area for parsing
  • Fixed set default value filter to not activate with ‘0’ as initial parsed data string


  • Added Extended Retention add-on


  • Expanded pattern dictionary for some automatic rules


  • Added secondary column check option for Group & Merge Rows table filter


  • Added FTP import integration
  • Added global webhook alert setting
  • Added OCR processing options
  • Improved table data recognition


  • Increased server count


  • Fixed table parsing bug where line item rows would get bunched together on a single row


  • Added Keep Rows Where… is a date filter type
  • Improved automatic rotation for newly-created parsers


  • Added additional credit purchase self-service
  • Parser menu item tweaks

JULY 30:

  • Added tooltip prompts on new parser creation
  • Added Calculate a New Column table filter
  • Changed routing for initial parser selection to Documents page
  • Further architecture updates to improve UI, processing speed

JULY 28:

  • Fixed Google Drive integration bug where it would not pull more than 100 files
  • ‘Use for following pages’ button is now always accessible when cropping OCR selection on a document

JULY 23:

  • Moved create parser button to top of homepage panel view
  • Parsing rule editor overhaul on parser creation
  • Architecture updates to improve processing times

JULY 16:

  • Added sample document functionality when creating a parser
  • Reworked parser UI, account dropdown, and account settings menus

JULY 14:

  • Reworked create parser, upload document pages
  • Backend upgrades for processing, page load speeds

JULY 07:

  • Updated subscriptions tab with slider system
  • Reworked keep/drop page preprocessing functionality

JUNE 30:

  • Accessibility updates
  • Added API method to get back a list of model layouts inside of a parser
  • Removed document deletion logs in parser UIs

JUNE 23:

  • Added Google Single Sign-On
  • Amended French dictionary definitions

JUNE 18:

  • Added two new duplicate parser buttons, under parser dropdown options and in settings tab of each parser
  • Increased poll time for cloud upload sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) from 3 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Improvements to UI Page load
  • OCR load balance improvements

JUNE 16:

  • Servers updated

JUNE 11:

  • Added Add-ons page
  • Added Parsing Assistant add-on

JUNE 09:

  • Signup page improvements for mobile view

JUNE 02:

  • Fixed a bug where a user’s subscription could be inadvertently changed
  • Added Webinar popup

MAY 28:

  • Fixed an issue with filenames being altered on import in some situations
  • Added retry logic for files that get stuck in import queue
  • UI Page load improvements

MAY 26:

  • Redundant automatic rotation disabled

MAY 21:

  • Added Claris Connect integration
  • Fixed a page load issue when logging into a parser from the in-app homepage caused by Recent Activity tab
  • Blog security updates

MAY 19:

  • Reworked Fetch Document From URL API functionality
  • Typo fixes

MAY 14:

  • Google Drive integration repaired

MAY 12:

  • Updated About Us page
  • Typo fixes

MAY 04:

  • Homepage updates


  • Reworked multi-user sign on feature (in beta)


  • Released freemium model
  • Updates to homepage, blog


  • Reworked API upload functionality


  • AWS updates
  • User database updates