Parsing Assistant

Personal assistance, extracting data from your documents. Parsing Assistant is the premium service that removes the effort from setting up your documents to be parsed.


How Docparser’s Parsing Assistant works

Docparser is an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology that extracts data points from PDF files and image files, and converts them into another editable file type – such as Excel.

When uploading documents to Docparser, some data points within the document will automatically be recognized and extracted by our software. However, other data points might be more complex to extract – which requires setting of more complex rules.

Usually the more complex the document, the more complex the rules that need to be created. You may be time poor, so Parsing Assistant is your tailored parsing service, with our team on hand to do all the hard work for you.

Who uses Parsing Assistant?

Parsing Assistant is popular with many of our clients. Some of those using Parsing Assistant are
  • Lawyers who would like to parse contracts containing recurring fields
  • Accountants parsing hundreds or thousands of complex invoice and purchase orders a month
  • Business owners who need to automate extraction of different types of documents, such as invoices, receipts and statements
  • IT services for corporations needing to process huge numbers of PDF documents
Whatever your role or business type, we can help with automating your document data entry.  

How to request Parsing Assistant

If you haven’t already – sign up for a free account with Docparser.

Complete the Parsing Assistant form or Navigate to Settings -> Add-Ons within the Docparser software, to complete your request for assistance.

Our team will reach out to you once completed, or get in contact if further details to set up your document parsing is needed.