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This post covers how to use Docparser for PDF to XML conversion. You’ll learn why converting PDF to XML is usually a challenging task and how easy it is to convert PDF to XML with Docparser.

If you’re in business, there’s a good chance you deal with PDFs regularly. But what if you need to convert PDF to XML? Luckily, there are a few different ways to do this.

In this post, we’ll explore a few of the most popular methods for converting PDFs to XML. Whether you’re looking to make your PDFs more accessible or just wanting to open them in a different program, read on to learn how to convert PDFs to XML. 

Convert PDF to XML

Save time and automatically convert PDF data to XML format.

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How to convert PDF to XML with Docparser?

PDF to XML conversion is easy with Docparser. The basic steps for getting started are:

  1. Create a free account
  2. Create a document parser for each type of PDF document you want to process
  3. Upload more documents of the same type manually or through our integration options
  4. Obtain the parsed data as XML files or let Docparser send the extracted data directly to your API with webhooks.

Sounds complicated? It isn’t. Have a look at our introduction screencast to see how easy it is to set up Docparser:

Our PDF parsing tools allow you to set unique filters and rules to extract exactly the data you need and convert it to XML. Options range from table row parsing to text search in variable locations on PDFs. Additionally, our smart filters allow you to format data along the way. Our flexible architecture allows you to chain up multiple text manipulation filters until your data is precisely in the format you need it to be.

Once you have your layout parser set up and properly extracting the data you want, it’s time to create an XML download link. Simply go into the Docparser app, and navigate to the “Download Links,” as seen below. You will be prompted for a Name and the specifics you would like to include in your download.

That’s it; you will see this download, along with any others that you have created for this layout parser. Want additional flexibility moving your PDF data? Check out our API or contact us.

Who uses Docparser for PDF to XML conversion?

The Docparser user base ranges from Wholesale to Accountants, Consultants, as well as Retail businesses, (and a lot in-between). When your inbox is stuffed with PDF invoices, purchase orders, and PDF forms, you can either manually extract that data and copy it into its final resting place, OR you can utilize our tools to extract the data and send it nearly anywhere.

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What is XML?

XML stands for extensible markup language. It is a data coding scheme that enables businesses to share information seamlessly between different applications and platforms. Developed in the late 1990s, XML has become the de-facto standard for exchanging business data. Despite its wide adoption, however, many are still unsure what XML is and the history behind it.

XML is an international standard for exchanging data that both humans and machines can read. It was created in 1998 to promote simplicity, generality & usability across the internet, with its goal being to make information more accessible than before through easy-to-use formats like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language).

Is converting PDF to XML even possible?

Absolutely! You need, however PDF data extraction software. Docparser is a PDF data extraction solution built for the modern cloud stack. In addition, our integration options allow you to automate document-based business processes and eliminate the need to manually re-keying document data.

Can I convert XML to PDF? 

Not with Docparser. We only support PDF, DOC, DOCX, and image formats (PNG, JPEG, and TIFF). Because XML files are text code, we can’t render a PDF. 

convert pdf to xml

The Benefits of Converting PDF To XML and Why You Might Want To

PDF files are the best format to share documents with your company. However, PDFs aren’t machine-readable. The data inside a PDF isn’t structured in a way that computers can read it, and so, converting a PDF to XML (or other formats like CSV, JSON, Excel, and others) helps the computer read your data.

Converting a PDF to an XML document gives structure to an unstructured document. This way data can be organized and defined with tags, and later processed and read by a computer. 

PDF to XML conversion allows businesses to forgo boring manual data entry processes and instead, digitize and automate their document processing workflows.

Why Converting PDF to XML is not as easy as it sounds

PDF documents are ubiquitous, and PDF is the go-to format for exchanging data between business entities. However, accessing the data stored inside PDF data is a challenging task to automate. PDF was basically invented to be a replacement for traditional paper documents. While the PDF standard guarantees the exact same visualization on any device, it does not provide structuring tags (as we know it from formats like HTML) which would allow a computer to easily ‘understand’ the data.

In other words, the visual representation of the data inside a PDF document is usually the only data stored inside a document. This means that PDF documents don’t allow to ‘just export’ all data in a structured way and save it to another format like XML, CSV, Excel, and more. 

Convert PDF to XML

Save time and automatically convert PDF data to XML format.

Try Docparser for free. No credit card required. 

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Why You Need Docparser

Docparser is a tool that automates manual tasks and extracts information from documents. It does this by using OCR (optical character recognition) technology, as well as machine learning patterns to make your life easier! Our customers love to extract data from their documents! This includes PDFs, DOC, DOCX files, and scanned image formats. They are especially keen on parsing invoices or shipping papers, bank statements, sales projections, and more. 

From one of our customers,

“This tool has various features. First, it is super-fast for parsing hundreds of PDFs.

At the same time, it is super accurate in parsing rules.

This is a super cost-saving tool. I had copied and pasted for a couple of days, but using this tool, it finished in just 15 minutes.” 

And another, 

“Docparser is 

  • 1. Completely cloud based.

  • 2. Zero software hosting cost and no installation required.

  • 3. Easy to learn with documentation and learning material available.

  • 4. Processes and extracts the documents very quickly.

  • 5. Low price per page compared to other OCR products in the market.

  • 6. Less complex, which makes it simpler for all to use.

  • 7. Multiple ways of integrating input and output of files like APIs, Cloud, and google sheets integration.

  • 8. Can do recharge instantly for adding more paid pages to your account.

  • 9. Managed accounts feature with which you can manage multiple child accounts within your parent account. 

Use Docparser if…

  • You want to digitize your paper documents and convert them into machine-readable documents. 
  • You want to send your PDF data to Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML.
  • You want to have the possibility to send your data to 1000s of our integration partners like Google Sheets, Microsoft Power Automate, Salesforce, and more.
  • You want to slash your budget for data entry in half by letting our OCR technology do the work for you.

If you fit into one of these categories, try Docparser today for free. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PDF to XML Converters

Can I convert PDF to XML with Docparser?

Yes, absolutely. As long as you sign up for a free account, you can start parsing your PDFs in minutes. 

Can I convert XML to PDF with Docparser? 

Unfortunately, you can only convert documents from PDF, DOC, DOCX, and formats like ONG, JPEG, and TIFF to XML and not the other way around. XML files are essentially text code, so there’s no way to render a PDF from this.

What is Docparser?

Docparser is a cloud-based document parser and automation tool. You can upload PDF, DOC, DOCX, and image file types to Docparser, extract the data, and then covert the data to the format of your choice like Excel, CSV, JSON, and more. You can also send your documents to our integration partners.

What is XML? 

XML (extensible machine language) is an international standard for exchanging data that both humans and machines can read. It was created in 1998 to promote simplicity, generality & usability across the internet with its goal being to make information more accessible than before through easy-to-use formats like HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)


Converting PDFs to XML can be a great way to make your documents more accessible and usable by a wider range of programs. In this blog post, we explored our method to convert PDFs to XML. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to convert your PDFs to XML, we recommend using Docparser. Our trial is free, and our application is user-friendly, which is good option if you don’t have much experience with OCR software.

Convert PDF to XML

Save time and automatically convert PDF data to XML format.

Try Docparser for free. No credit card required. 

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  1. We are searching for a partner that will allow our users to convert pdf invoices to UBL. We’d like to know if we can somehow build an integration on your API to accomplish this.

      1. Hi Stefan! Docparser does not have a built-in UBL download option which you can use out of the box. Our Webhook feature allows you however to build your own XML template which follows the UBL standard.

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