Convert PDF to XML – Turn PDF files into structured XML data with Docparser

This post covers how to convert PDF to XML with Docparser. Need your structured data feed in XML? Docparser provides users flexible parsing rules and filter options to extract text from PDF and convert your PDF to XML.

Easily convert PDF documents to structured XML data with Docparser

The Docparser user base ranges from Wholesale, to Accountants, Consultants, as well as Retail businesses, (and a lot in-between). When your inbox is stuffed with PDF invoices, purchase orders, and PDF forms, you can either manually extract that data and copy it into its final resting place, OR you can utilize our tools to extract the data and send it nearly anywhere.

Need to convert PDF to UBL or other XML formats? No Problem! Our PDF parsing tools allow you to set unique filters and rules to extract exactly the data you need and convert to XML. Options range from table row parsing, to searching for text in variable locations on PDF’s. Additionally, our smart filters allow you to format data along the way. Need to standardize dates from all of your suppliers? Maybe you want to format telephone numbers into a standard format from European and American clients? You can do both, and much more. You can build rules and chain them together to create a data extraction plan that is precisely suited to your needs. Ready to send this data somewhere?

Once you have your layout parser setup and properly extracting the data you want, it’s time to create an XML download link

Simply go into the Docparser app, and navigate to the “Download Links”, as seen below. You will be prompted for a Name and the specifics that you would like to include in your download.

pdf to xml

That’s it, you will see this download, along with any others that you have created for this layout parser. Want additional flexibility moving your PDF data? Check out our api. Have questions or need some assistance? Contact Us.

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