Invoice Parser - Accounts Payable and Invoice Processing

Are you receiving Invoices for Accounts Payable via email, fax or snail mail? Replace your manual data entry routine with our innovative fully automated invoice data extraction system.

Regardless of your business type, if you receive accounts payable via PDF (or even by fax and snail mail), then you can save hours of time extracting the information stored in them.

Eliminate the cumbersome process of manually inputing the data into your ERP platform, Excel sheets or any other software program. Docparser comes handy with powerful invoice scanning and capture functionalities to automate your workflow.

Invoice Parser

Invoice Processing and Accounts Payable Automation With Docparser

Docparser is equipped with powerful data extraction filters that allow you to build a custom invoice parser in few minutes. There are essentially two ways to utilize our PDF parsing software for your invoice processing needs:

  • Extract header and meta data invoices with an unknown layout
  • Extract detailed data from invoices with a known layout

In both the cases, setting up Docparser is easy and you will be able to automate accounts payables in a couple of minutes.

Docparser - Invoice Parser

Once your parsing engine is set up, you can import new invoices by uploading them through our app, send them as email attachments, use our API or let Docparser automatically fetch them from your cloud storage provider (Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive etc.) With the help of our in-built cloud integrations, sending your invoice data to your ERP system, or any other software is a duck soup. And of course, you can also download your invoice data in good old Excel or CSV format.


At we help companies unlock procurement to drive growth. To do so we deep mine our clients data, including invoices. For intelligent processing of PDF documents, we use Docparser. It is a very flexible yet simple tool that performs at lightning speed. Moreover, it is important for us to partner with service providers that listen and quickly respond to our request for improvements – we find Docparser to be an optimal partner in this regard. We chose Docparser over a long list of competitors due to the flexibility, speed, and scalability of the platform; we have not been disappointed. Docparser comes highly recommended.

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Process Invoices With Unknown Layouts

Docparser comes with powerful text extraction filters which can automatically identify and extract the invoice date, the invoice number, tax IDs and the totals (net, tax, shipping, total). If you need to extract more data fields, you can simply add more parsing rules to the mix.

Extract Line-Items From Invoice With Known Layouts

Next to extracting invoice header data as shown above, Docparser also offers the possibility to extract line-items from invoices with a known layout. This is a popular use-case amongst our wholesale, retail and ecommerce customers which use Docparser to automate procurement processes. All you need to do is to create one document parser for each layout (trading partner / vendor) as shown in the screencast below.