Automate Legal Document Processing With Effortless Data Extraction

Do you lose hours inputting data manually? Extract data from standardized legal documents and move it to your system effortlessly. Try our document parser for free and save your time for high-impact work.

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Are You Tired of Inputting Legal Data by Yourself?

Between legal contracts, forms, client agreements, and more, there are a lot of documents that legal professionals need to process routinely. But locating every document, examining it, and then inputting data on a spreadsheet or software is time-consuming, stressful, and prone to errors. 

Delays and errors in legal document processing have severe consequences for a business in the legal industry, from delays in legal procedures to escalating costs and a damaged reputation.

Legal Document Processing

So if you often get drained by data entry, struggle to stay productive, and don’t want data errors to slip through the cracks, it’s time to switch to automation with Docparser.

Extract Data from Recurring Legal Documents Effortlessly

Docparser is a leading document parser that businesses use for their data workflow automation needs. You can use it to extract data from standardized PDF, Word, and image documents, and then move it to a spreadsheet or cloud application.

Unlike some other parsing tools, there is no need to write code or grapple with a steep learning curve. Docparser has an intuitive point-and-click interface built for non-technical users. Essentially, you draw a rectangle around the area where specific data is located. You can also create rules to extract data from variable positions and post-process the extracted data to get perfect results.

So if you have tried a data parsing tool before but found it confusing or weren’t able to get satisfying results, you are going to love Docparser. Create your customized parser to extract data accurately. Moreover, you can even have your parser entirely built for you.

Get More Done Every Day With Less Stress

Once you automate your legal document processing, your day-to-day operations will become a lot more streamlined and trouble-free. Specifically, you will be able to:

  • Save your time for more mission-critical tasks
  • Facilitate collaboration between team members with organized and accessible data
  • Prevent the cost of data entry errors
  • Customize parsing rules freely and thoroughly to ensure perfect data accuracy and formatting
  • As your company grows, process a larger volume of documents without the stress of racing against the clock to input data

What a Docparser User in the Legal Field Says

Businesses in the legal industry use Docparser to streamline their legal document management. One user described his experience as follows:

Overall: Docparser is a great tool for people who have a large volume of incoming documents/forms. I never realized that something like this even existed, and I certainly wouldn’t have expected it to be so reliable and smart. This has been a HUGE time-saver for us and is more than worth it.

Pros: In short, this software is smart and ridiculously reliable. We have been using this software to extract the pertinent data from incoming documents, and assembling the data into compartmentalized sections. I have particularly enjoyed its functionality with Google Docs and other Google files.

Cons: I have only encountered a couple of issues that I didn’t know how to solve, and their customer service team was prompt to explain what I was misunderstanding. I have no complaints about Docparser.

— Verified reviewer on Capterra

It’s your turn to break free from the tedium of data entry and save time for the work that will grow your firm. Sign up for a free trial today and start extracting data from your legal documents within minutes.

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