Quickly Convert Word Files To Excel With This Word Parser

Easily parse Word documents and send the data to Excel, Google Sheets or your CRM with Docparser.

How To Parse Word Documents To Excel With Docparser

With Docparser, you will be able to automatically add Word documents from various sources, extract the data you are looking for, and move it to where it belongs in real-time. Follow these three simple steps and automate your business.

Import your Word Documents

Docparser can automatically fetch DOC & DOCX files for you. Connect your cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), use our REST APIemail your files in as attachments, or simply upload them with our secured application.

Train your custom Word Parser

Zero coding required. The parsing engine extracts relevant data fields from your Word documents based on parsing rules which are 100% suited for your needs.

Exporting the parsed data

If you need to add a new row inside a database, create or update a record in your CRM, or send data from Word to Excel, Docparser has you covered. With our integration partners (Zapier, Workato, MS Flow, …), you’ll be able to send parsed data out to 100s of software applications. You can also download your data in ExcelCSVJSON or XML format.

Using A Word Parser Can Improve Employee Effectiveness By 40%

In a recent study by Gartner, employees were spending far too much time manually searching for, and then copying and pasting data. With various studies showing that manual data entry is also prone to error, we have decided to cover how automatically converting Word to Excel in Docparser can improve employee effectiveness by 40% on our blog. This feature allows for automated workflows which save time and most importantly, money.


Using A Word Parser Can Improve Employee Effectiveness By 40%

With Docparser, you’ll be able to parse legal contracts, agency briefs, client specifications, sales reports, bill of ladings, invoices, or any other recurring business document you can think of in Microsoft Word format. Docparser fully supports .doc and .docX data extraction.


Where Can I Export The Parsed Data?

Once the data has been parsed from Microsoft document format (DOC & DOCX), you can download your data in XLS, CSV, JSON, and XML format. We also offer REST API, as well as integrations with Zapier, Workato, and MS Flow enabling the automated transfer of data to 100s of software applications.