Bank Statement Software. Automatically Download Bank Statements.

Easily extract transactions and account details from PDF bank and credit card statements. Automatically download bank statements as Excel and CSV, or automatically update your accounting software.

Accounting departments are bogged down with the tasks of processing statements – bank statements, credit card statements and other recurring financial statements. Often these statements come in the form of a secured PDF or a physical statement which is mailed to you.

The task of processing the bank and credit card statements may sound easy but it takes lot of manual effort. If the statement is a physical paper, then transferring the data from the physical image or paper will require manual data entry. If the statement is in PDF format, which is usually the case, then simply copy-paste of the data doesn’t work. In that case we need a tool that is adept at reading PDF data and can effectively parse the data or line items that you want to process.


Docparser is your go-to PDF bank statement parser helping you to parse data which is trapped in PDF bank and credit card statements and physical images.

  • Upload your sample bank statement document, which acts as training data
  • Train Docparser to parse the relevant data by creating parsing rules for each layout
  • Set up a process to automatically fetch documents, process them, and convert to your preferred format

The Sheer Volume Of Recurring Statements Is No Longer A Worry

Docparser empowers you with smart filters and templates, reliable parsing rules, and broad integration options to deliver your data precisely where you want. Whether your goal is to simply convert your bank statements and download the table data or to integrate with Google Sheets, or send it to another third party application, we’ve got you covered. You have the option to manually upload your PDF reports to the software (drag and drop or navigate to folder), automatically upload statements from your cloud storage, or simply email your reports to the layout parser in the Docparser app.

Bank Statement Processing Has Never Been So Easy And Reliable

Stop manual copy and paste of PDF banking statements, and automate your workflow with Docparser. Our free trial allows you to test drive the software before committing, so you are ensured that our PDF statement processing solution is one that is a fit for your use-case. Our pricing is based on the volume of PDF reports that you process each month, so there is certainly a plan to suit your needs.

Convert PDF Bank Statements To Excel/CSV

Our business document parsing software provides as an easy way to convert PDF bank statements to Excel or other popular formats (e.g. CSVJSON or XML).

The Docparser parsing engine does a marvellous job in letting you choose which data points or line items you want to extract. So, if you do not want to download the entire PDF into an excel, you can choose which rows or columns you want to parse and our parsing engine will do the job for you.

Once your bank or credit card statement is exported to Excel or CSV format, the extracted transaction data can be further processed or copied to your account software.

Convert PDF Bank Statements To Quickbooks and Xero

Docparser is a huge time-saver when it comes to importing PDF bank statements to Quickbooks and Xero. Manually re-keying data from bank statements is not only tedious, but also comes with a high error rate. Docparser is the perfect tool to reliably convert PDFs or scanned statements into easy to handle spreadsheet data.

While Docparser does not provide a direct integration with Quickbooks or Xero, importing bank statements to your accounting software of choice is still easy. Once your bank statement got converted to a spreadsheet, you can further process the data with Excel or Google Sheets and prepare the import to your accounting software. The manual step of preparing and verifying your data usually takes only a couple of minutes and ensures that your bank statement data is imported to Xero or Quickbook free of errors and in the right format.

What is Docparser?