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PDF’s are a very popular file format, BUT, that doesn’t mean that converting PDF to CSV and extracting text and table data from PDF files has always been a clear and easy mission. Until now. Whether you have 100 or 10,000 PDF files you want to extract single data fields and table data from, Docparser’s smart filters, and fixed & variable location extraction options will get your there. 

Batch convert PDF tables to CSV

Docparser is best utilized when you have a recurring volume of PDF files, (purchase orders, invoices, expense reports, etc.). We take the repetitive work out of extracting tables from PDF files manually, while increasing the accuracy & offering integration options as well. Docparser has smart filters that can seek out key information (Name, Date, Order Items, Phone Number, etc.), or location based filters that you can chain together to get precisely the information you want when converting PDF to CSV. Once you have your parsing needs or “rules” defined, you simply batch upload PDF’s to your account, or you can email recurring PDF files as attachments, and automate your workflow. *Note you can also turn the extracted PDF text to Excel.

One set of rules, for each PDF layout type is all it takes

Have PDF’s in multiple physical layouts? Purchase orders, invoices, even expense reports, are a snap with Docparser. Simply set up your layout parsers accordingly, and you can still batch convert pdf to csv with little effort. Our knowledge base articles cover everything you need to know to get you up and rolling and our support team can aide you along the way, if needed. A screen shot of parsing rules is shown below, you can add as many as you need to extract data from PDF files and convert PDF to CSV.

pdf parsing rules

Once your layout parser is set-up and all the rules are extracting properly on your test PDF file uploads, it is time to send all your PDF’s to the appropriate layout parser and convert PDF to CSV. Below is a quick walk through to accomplish your download of the CSV data.

convert pdf to csv

Whether you are an accounting firm, a consultant, or anyone that manages a volume of PDF’s and needs a parsing solution, we have the flexibility to improve your workflow. Have any questions or need additional information? Contact us. Docparser has a subscription plan right for your volume PDF data extraction needs.

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