Automate Accounting and Book-Keeping Workflows

Automate time-consuming and tedious accounting tasks with Docparser. Automatically convert invoices, purchase orders or bank statements to Excel or CSV files.

Accountants and Billing departments receive piles of PDF invoices, purchase orders, expense reports and more each week - make that data actionable!

Piles of incoming PDF’s, often many of which are recurring from the same vendors, client, or internal department are inbound to the accounting team each week. You can convert PDF to text with our parsing software, and the structured information that is extracted from these documents can be downloaded (PDF to CSV, Excel, JSON or XML), for use in multiple instances. Additionally, you can automate your accounting workflow, by integrating this data “feed” into your accounting software, or push to a Google Sheets for spot checking, the options are numerous.

Our variable, fixed location and table row extraction features give you ultimate control of data extraction

Variable location parsing rules, allow you to search the document and chain together search criteria to extract the data from anywhere in your PDF. Fixed location is precisely that, you have a physical area on your PDF that contains the data you seek. You define the area, and that tells the rule to search the document in that area for the text you want to extract. Table row extraction is a great way to pull a PDF table out of a PDF, you simply define the columns and label the results. Lastly our intelligent filters are filters that use our pre-defined rules to search your document for common data items (Phone, Email, Address, Invoice #, Address, etc.) many of filters have options to format for your specific needs. Date formatting, Telephone numbers, and more.

In a nutshell, you can save hours of manual copy and paste, data entry. Improve your accuracy, as our PDF extraction software leaves out the possibility of bad input during the PDF to text conversion. Automate your workflow, go from receipt of PDF to parsed output in seconds, once your layout parsers are up and tested. Upload PDF’s via email, bulk upload, or our api. Empower your billing department with a PDF processing tool that will make your time spent even more productive

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