Process Automation For Retail And Online Printing Companies

Printing & Publishing companies need to stay on top of a constant stream of incoming job orders. Docparser helps automating order processing and eliminates manual data entry.

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Managing A Constant Stream Of Incoming Orders Is Challenging

As a printing & publishing company you need to optimize your business processes in order to compete in today’s fast paced market. The time between receiving a job order and the delivery to the client is crucial for success and your resources need to be managed intelligently. A constant inflow of orders need to be processes in a reliable and efficient manner. Orders are received in form of email attachments, fax or even snail mail and need to be transferred to other systems – ideally in real-time.

Streamline Document Based Data Exchange

Accessing data trapped inside PDF documents (e.g. purchase orders, job orders, …) is however not as easy as it sounds and manually re-keying data is often the answer. Manual data entry is however tedious, error-prone and costly.

Docparser is a cloud based document processing and workflow solution which helps hundreds of business around the globe to streamline their document based business processes. Docparser provides a set of powerful data extraction tools which make it easy to automatically pull data from incoming documents and move the data to where it belongs.


As a rapidly expanding online printing company, we needed a way to streamline information between various data sources. Some of the printing software we rely on daily doesn’t communicate well with our other applications. Docparser has allowed us to use PDF’s to fully automate our job management system. Unlike other systems we looked at, Docparser gives us flexibility and control over how the data is being extracted. We set our parser to extract the information we need from each file and automatically connect it to a Google Spreadsheet shared by our management teams. This allows all the managers to see our current workflow in real time and make appropriate changes to schedules, inventory etc. Our turnaround time is shorter, and customers are even happier than they were before.

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Up-To-Date And Correct Information All The Time

Once set up, you can batch process incoming PDF documents by uploading them to our app. Alternatively, you can fully automate your workflow by sending in documents via email or let Docparser fetch new documents from your cloud storage provider (Google Drive, Box, DropBox, OneDrive, etc.). Incoming documents are processed in real-time and the extracted data can be sent to Google Sheets or an ERP system thanks to various integration options.