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PDFs are used for a variety of reasons from Business, to Government and Education. Their ability to be viewed from a broad range of environments makes them especially appealing for exchanging important data.

However, batch converting PDFs to Excel can be a challenging task without the right tools. This article explains how to easily convert PDF to Excel using Docparser’s free PDF to Excel converter.

Convert PDF to Excel

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How do I convert a PDF to Excel without losing formatting?

There are several reasons why converting a PDF file to Excel can be tricky. The top reasons we know of are:

  • The PDF file is scanned and does not contain any ‘selectable’ text
  • Tables spawn over multiple pages
  • The table data is nested and not in a simple row format

For all cases listed above, simple copy & paste will fail, and the only viable solution to copy PDF to Excel is specialized tools to get the job done.

Even if copy & paste work with your documents, what do you do if you have hundreds or thousands of PDF files to batch convert to Excel? Again, an automated PDF to Excel converter will save you from hours of manual and tedious copy & paste work.

Docparser provides a set of tools to effortlessly batch convert PDF documents to Excel or other spreadsheet formats (CSV or Google Sheets).

Why should I convert a PDF to an Excel document?

There are many reasons why you might want to convert a PDF to an Excel spreadsheet. These reasons include:

  • Editing the PDF to add more data
  • Turning your PDF into measurable data sets
  • Turning your PDF into a shareable document
  • Digitizing your PDF

Whatever your reason is, the process is simple. And like with anything, when you do it once, it’ll be easier the next time.

Why should I use Docparser to convert my PDF to Excel?

That’s a good question. There are plenty of websites out there that will convert your PDF to an Excel file for free and send it to your email. Docparser specializes in converting batches of PDFs. If you have more than one or two documents, then you’ll want to use our services. All you have to do is drag and drop documents from your local disk to upload your files in batches. We also offer API or cloud integrations to import your documents or email to a dedicated Docparser email address.

We use OCR technology to extract text from scanned documents and advanced zonal OCR to extract data from anywhere in your document. Once your data are parsed, our integration partners allow you to connect Docparser to various cloud applications. In addition, we offer direct integrations with Google Spreadsheets and Salesforce

If you’re unsure where to start, our Getting Started guide can help with the basics like layout parser creation, integrating your extracted data or favorite cloud platform, and more. Docparser allows you to remove all sorts of data like phone numbers, email addresses, business names, or every populated field in the PDF. Converting PDF forms doesn’t need to be complicated.

How to convert PDF to Excel with Docparser

Docparser is a batch PDF to Excel converter that can convert transactional business documents such as Invoices, Purchase Orders, or Delivery Notes into structured data in real-time. However, our flexible parsing engine is capable of supporting any kind of PDF to Excel conversion.

1.) Create your first PDF to Excel converter (Document Parser)

After signing up for your free account, the first thing to do is to create a Document Parser. Typically, you will make one Document Parser for each ‘type’ of document you want to process. Once configured, a Document Parser can extract tables from PDF documents that have a similar layout. This ability makes Docparser a very efficient tool if you have hundreds of PDFs created routinely, with the same physical layout.

2.) Upload a couple of sample documents

As mentioned above, Docparser is all about batch converting PDF files. However, if you only need to convert a single PDF file, other tools like Tabula.technology might be a better fit for you.

Once you upload a couple of sample files, it’s time to create a table parsing rule.

3.) Create a table extraction parsing rule

A parsing rule is a set of instructions telling our algorithm how to extract tables from your PDF documents. Creating a parsing rule is easy thanks to our visual point & click editor.

In case you get stuck while creating your parsing rule, make sure to check out our knowledge base or contact our support staff.

You simply move the sliders to define the column structure of the PDF file and use the free form selection box to define the table perimeter. Once you are happy with the placement of the sliders, you can accept the layout and preview the data.

pdf to excel converter

4.) Download your extracted data in Excel format

convert pdf to excel

Use the download data link from the app interface and select the file export type. Next to Excel format, we also offer the possibility to convert PDFs to XML, CSV, or JSON files.

You can name the file you are downloading and define the range of parsed files you want to include (e.g., “Files uploaded today”). In addition, you can choose which data fields you want to have in your downloaded file.

how to convert pdf to excel


Setting up Docparser is simple and will take only a couple of minutes. Below are the steps to follow to get data from PDF to Excel. If you prefer watching a video, look at the following screencasts covering the Docparser PDF table extraction tool.

There’s always more to learn about converting a PDF to an Excel file

Once you convert your PDF, the format of your old PDF file transfers into an Excel file. Blank cells are inserted in the Excel spreadsheet to replace spaces from the PDF file. All the original document stylings remain the same, even as an Excel file. Your new file doesn’t lose the original formatting. And because it’ll be editable, you’ll be able to add additional formatting and improve the newly converted document. You can fully customize the document to your needs.

As you know, PDF documents don’t contain the mathematical formulas Excel documents offer. No formulas are recreated in the generated Excel spreadsheet once you convert a PDF to an Excel file. Our tool converts all of the data from the original document into the new one so you can insert formulas into your document or edit it just like you’d edit a regular Excel file. It’ll almost be like your document was never a PDF! You can add any elements exclusive to Excel and create a document suited for your needs.

And guess what. If you want to convert your file back to a PDF, you can! Once you edit your Excel file, you can convert it from a Microsoft Excel document into a PDF. There are various benefits to doing so. For example, a PDF is a universal way to view documents. This means anyone can view the document anywhere, and the file formatting won’t change. You can distribute your PDF as you please. Converting it back to a PDF allows you to convert your files to a different format with Docparser. You can convert your document to Word, PowerPoint, and convert PDFs to JSON and Google Sheets. The list goes on. You have endless possibilities with Docparser.

Try Our PDF to Excel Converter

Save time and automatically convert PDF data to Excel.

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That’s it. Now you have successfully converted a PDF to Excel.

learning pdf to excel

You can add additional parsing rules, create parser layouts for PDFs structured differently. There are loads of options you can pursue.

You can even integrate Docparser with countless other platforms. For example, converting PDF to Google Sheet is a snap as well. If you want to stick to Microsoft products, you can also use our Microsoft Flow integration to append your parsed data to an Excel file automatically.

With our usage-based pricing plans, there is a solution for everyone. Please reach out via our contact page if you need any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

frequently asked questions

Will my Excel file show content from my original PDF?

Yes. After converting your PDF to an Excel document, Docparser creates a high-quality file available to read on both Mac and Windows. All the PDF contents are transferred right into your Excel spreadsheet, where you can edit all the information in the document in the rows and columns.

You can also try Docparser to edit PDFs with zonal OCR (optical character recognition) technology, reduce file size, convert to other file formats, and export PDFs right to your computer. 

What’s the difference between XLS and XLSX?

Both XLS and XLSX file formats are file extensions used by Microsoft Excel. The XLS file format is an older Microsoft Excel format from 2003 or earlier. In 2007, Microsoft Excel updated the new XLSX file format based on the Open XML (Extensible Markup Language) standard. If you have Microsoft Excel 2003 or earlier, you need to download the free Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack to open, edit, and save XLSX files.

How do I open my converted file?

Opening your newly converted file is easy. After you’ve converted your PDF file to Excel, download your new Excel workbook. Launch Microsoft Excel, choose Open from the File menu, and select the converted file to open. 

How does Docparser’s PDF to Excel Tool work? 

Docparser is a cloud-based document data extraction application that helps your company extract data from PDFs, Word documents, and image files. To use it, you can either upload your document directly, connect to cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), email your files as attachments, or use the REST API. Then, you’ll train Docparser to extract the data you need, with no coding experience required. Select preset rules specific to your PDF or image document using options that fit your document type. Finally, you can download directly to Excel, CSV, JSON, and XML formats, or you can connect Docparser to thousands of cloud applications like Zapier, Workato, MS Power Automate, and more.

How do I convert a scanned PDF document to Excel?

With Docparser, converting a PDF to Excel is easy. Your first step is to sign up for an account. Next, you’ll create a Document Parser for a PDF. After this, you need to upload a sample file and generate a table parsing rule to tell the algorithm how to extract tables from your PDF. Finally, you’ll download the file, and you’re all set!

Is converting a PDF to Excel free? 

We have a free version of Docparser that allows you to parse 30-150 pages per month. Any more than that, and you can pay for one of our paid versions.

How long does it take to convert a PDF file to an Excel file?

The conversion speed depends on your internet speed and the file size. The larger the file, the longer you’ll need to wait. Typically, the conversion only takes a few seconds. 

Can I really convert a PDF file to Excel for free without giving away my credit card number?

Yes, you can! We don’t require your credit card number to sign up. All you need to do is give us your email address, name, and choose a nice password, and you’re free to parse whatever you want.

What happens if my PDF is too large when converting to Excel?

Docparser converts PDFs up to 20MB, the default setting for maximum file size. Your local upload speed affects the upload time. Still, regardless, our recommendation for the maximum file size is around 8MB because larger documents are likely to fail to import into our application. We can increase the maximum file size for customers on higher subscription plans.

Can I convert a PDF to Excel offline?

Unfortunately, as Docparser is cloud-based, it doesn’t work offline. Instead, you need an internet connection to send your files to our servers to convert your files.

How can I convert a PDF to Excel online? 

Converting is easy! After signing up for your free account, create a Document Parser for the type of document you want to convert. In this case, you’ll choose PDF. Then, you’ll upload a couple of sample files, create a table parsing rule to tell the algorithm how to extract tables from your PDF. Finally, you’ll download the file. And that’s it! 

Easily Convert PDF to Excel

Save time and automatically convert PDF data to Excel.

Try Docparser for free. No credit card required. 

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    1. Hi Garrett! Docparser is a PDF data extraction software designed for the modern cloud stack and we focus heavily on automating document based workflows. Our customers use Docparser to automatically fetch documents, extract certain data fields and then move the data to where it belongs in real-time (Excel, Google Sheets, Databases, ERP systems, …). I’m not an expert in Datawatch Monarch, but I think Monarch is more about ad-hoc data analysis and less about automating a workflow. Let me know if you have further questions!

    1. Great question John! We just launched our Microsoft Flow integration which should probably allow you do that. Microsoft Flow is a platform to automate workflows and I’m pretty sure they allow you to update an existing Excel file.

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