Automate Procurement and Order Fulfilment

Streamline your procurement with automated Purchase Order and Sales Order processing. Eliminate manual data entry by extracting data from Purchase and Sales Orders and sending the data to your desired endpoint.

Receiving Purchase and Sales Orders is Core for Most Businesses, but ...

Not every business has EDI set-up with their trading partners. Businesses receive Purchase Orders as email attachments, by fax or even by snail mail. To make things worse, purchase orders come in various formats and data trapped inside "paper" documents can quickly become a problem. The answer is often re-keying data by hand. Obviously, manual data entry is a tedious, error-prone and costly task and should be avoided by all means.

Convert Purchase & Sales Orders into Structured Data

Docparser is already helping hundreds of Wholesale, eCommerce and Retail businesses to automate their order fulfillment and procurement by extracting data from PDF documents (Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, ...). Setting up Docparser to convert Purchase Orders into easy to handle structured data is easy. Creating a document parser tailored to your needs takes only a couple of minutes as shown in the screencast below.

Automate Procurement With Docparser

Getting data from your Purchase & Sales Orders is only the first step. Docparser comes with various cloud integrations which make it easy to fully automate your business process. You can upload new Purchase Orders with our app, send them in as email attachment, use our API or let Docparser fetch new documents from your cloud storage provider (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, ...). Incoming documents are processed automatically and the extracted data can be sent to any endpoint in real-time. And of course, you can also download your parsed data in Excel, CSV, JSON, or XML format.

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