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FlexiCapture vs. Docparser: Is Docparser an ABBYY FlexiCapture Alternative?

If you are looking for a document capture and data entry automation software on the internet, you may stumble upon ABBYY FlexiCapture sooner or later. FlexiCapture is an incredibly powerful document processing platform. It’s a real powerhouse covering most likely every imaginable PDF data extraction use-case. That said, what are Flexicapture alternatives? Read on to learn more about ABBYY FlexiCapture vs. Docparser.

At Docparser, we are often asked if our solution is an ABBYY FlexiCapture alternative. So we thought we would write a detailed blog post about how the two products stack up to each other.

Disclaimer: As you can imagine, it is not an easy task for us to write an article of this kind where we
compare our product with our competitors’. Naturally, we will be little biased towards our own
product. However, we honestly believe Docparser to be a great alternative to ABBYY FlexiCapture
for many use-cases and we also feel that in order to make a wise decision, it is important to
consider both options. We, certainly, do not want to talk bad or belittle our competitors but we do
want to give you a fair objective, comparative analysis and suggest that while all products and
solutions are great, Docparser can be a good alternative.

Where FlexiCapture Really Shines

FlexiCapture Is a Real Powerhouse

Probably the biggest advantage of FlexiCapture is its sheer amount of features and modules. Honestly, we don’t know of any application in the market which comes close to FlexiCapture in terms of feature completeness. This comes to no surprise as ABBYY, the company behind FlexiCapture was founded in 1989 and has been a pioneer in the document processing space ever since.

From document capture to document classification, data extraction, data validation and exporting data, FlexiCapture has you covered. Furthermore, FlexiCapture is powered by a world-class proprietary OCR engine which is even capable of detecting handwritten text from scanned forms (something we don’t do, for example).

Built For The Enterprise

FlexiCapture comes with everything you want as a big enterprise customer. This includes different deployment options, multitenancy, extended training, as well as integrations with various big on-premise software platforms. FlexiCapture is definitely a great choice for big corporation running on things like Oracle, SAP, SharePoint and the like.

So How Does Docparser Stack Up To This? Is It a FlexiCapture Alternative?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Docparser has less to offer in terms of modules and features. As mentioned above, FlexiCapture offers many modules and covers, for example, things like manual data validation. This is not something we do at Docparser. But where do we stand in an ABBYY FlexiCapture vs. Docparser comparison?

Here are the areas of expertise we focus on at Docparser:

Automatically Import Documents

Docparser offers various methods to get your documents into our system. You can manually upload documents with our app, automatically fetch documents from cloud storage providers, use our API to import documents programmatically or send documents in through email.

In conclusion, we think that Docparser is on a par with FlexiCapture here.

Document Data Extraction

Extracting data from PDF is the core functionality of Docparser. Our goal is to offer a world-class parsing engine to liberate data which is trapped inside semi-structured documents (e.g. invoices, purchase orders, work orders, shipping notes, bank statements).

With Docparser you can build your own custom layout parser in minutes and no coding is required. We offer many parsing rule presets which cover everything from simple position based parsing, pattern based extraction to complex table extraction.

Docparser comes with a built-in Zonal OCR system and we offer various image preprocessing options to maximize OCR accuracy.

Furthermore, Docparser comes with a keyword based document classification system which allows you to route your documents to a matching layout parser.

We might be biased, but we think that the parsing rule editor of Docparser is leading the market compared to Docparser alternatives, thanks to the many presets and built-in data manipulation filters.

If you are curious abut how setting up a layout parser looks like, have a look at our introduction screencast:

Cloud & API Integrations

Docparser was designed for the modern cloud stack and we offer tons of integration options. Adding a new row inside a database, creating or updating records in your ERP or CRM system, sending data from PDF to Google Sheets, we have you covered!

Our HTTP API allows you to add the power of Docparser to your own software or backend. Our webhook push requests let you receive the extracted data at any HTTP endpoint in real-time.

Being cloud native is a key differentiator of Docparser and something we are particularly proud of.

Other Things Docparser Customers Value

At Docparser we thrive to provide a bulletproof technical solution to your document capture needs. But responding to your technical specifications is just one thing.

Obviously there are more things to consider when choosing a document processing solution for your business. Here are some of the qualities our customers at Docparser value the most:

Free Account, No Software, Fast Time-To-Production

Docparser is a cloud based application which means that there is no software you need to install locally. Setting up a document parser is easy and usually takes less than 15 minutes. Most of our customers are ready to go into production after only a couple of hours of setup and testing.

You can create a free account and give it a try whenever you like!

Powerful, Yet Easy To Get Started

Getting started with Docparser is easy and no technical knowledge is required (see screencast above). We are big advocates of software that is pleasant to use and we constantly try to make things as intuitive as possible.

You’ll be guided through the entire setup process and we offer a detailed documentation in case you want to dig deeper on a topic. In case you have a specific question, just contact our support staff and we’ll get back to you usually within a couple of hours.

Flexible Subscription Plans And Transparent Pricing

The pricing of Docparser is very simple: You are charged solely based on the quantity of documents you want to process each month. There are no hidden costs and all our pricing plans give you access to all features. There are also no additional costs for training. Furthermore, all subscription plans can be upgraded, downgraded or cancelled at any time and there is no contractual lock-in.

So Who Wins The Battle FlexiCaptue vs. Docparser?

Whether Docparser or FlexiCapture is the right solution for you really depends on your use case. Obviously, we can’t answer this question for you without having more information about your use case.

What we can say is that Docparser can be a great ABBYY FlexiCapture alternative for various use-cases and you should consider giving Docparser a try.

You can create a free account right now and contact us if you want to discuss your document processing needs.

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