How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase

How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase

PDF and scanned documents are widely used to exchange information pertaining to a variety of documents including contracts, invoices, price lists, sales and purchase orders, HR forms, bank statements, and more.  However, because these documents are considered finalized versions, oftentimes the data is not easily editable so extracting the information in a usable format can be a challenging and tedious task that usually required manual intervention!

 As you know, Docparser is a parsing software engine that not only extracts tables from PDF but can extract any kind of data from any kind of document, scanned image, or PDF and specifically designed for batch processing of PDFs and scanned documents

 But extracting the data is only half the battle for those organizations looking to automate information into a management system such as Quick Base. That’s where the Juiced Technologies add-on – Document Parser for Quick Base – comes into play.

Background of Juiced Technologies

Juiced Technologies is a NY based IT firm that develops applications that automate and enhance users experience with Quick Base management systems (CMS, TMS, LMS, QMS, SMS, PM, CRM).  In their own words, “They develop ‘tools’ that complement the core platform and allow users to create powerful Quick Base applications.”

 Document Parser for Quick Base is one of the many add-ons that Juiced Technologies uses to enhance customers’ business Quick Base workflows, creating solutions for both simple and complex challenges. With Document Parser for Quick Base, users can import Docparser extracted data into Quick Base!

One example of this integration involves emailing Orders from an online appliance and housewares web site.  Upon receipt of an email, the first step is to identify the customer associated with that email address within Quick Base and upon authentication, obtain the correct configuration that defines what data within the scanned document needs to be extracted and which respective fields it needs to be imported into within the Quick Base database. Once the mapping is defined, Docparser is implemented and, using the JSON provided from the Docparser service, the data is imported or updated into the Quick Base application.

How Juiced Tech Uses Docparser For Automation and Integration With Quick Base

Todd Jusas, Chief Technology Officer at Juiced Technologies says, “What we like best about Docparser is the automation capability, once the parsing rules are set, there is no need for further intervention.”

Todd also adds, “We are also happy with the fact that with Docparser works with standard forms or documents as well as PDFs that contain line items within; such as a purchase order, invoice or bank statement.”

When used with the Juiced Technologies Document Parser add-on, Docparser can perform the following:

  • Consume emails with one or more PDF documents once the mapping is in place
  • Parse a PDF document from an email attachment, match the keywords from the document and insert or update data into a table within your Quick Base application
  • Map keywords from a PDF document to fields within your Quick Base table
  • Insert records into a table with keyword values from the attached PDF document
  • Insert PDF documents as file attachments to the same table

Docparser boils down business documents to the essentials and moves the extracted data to where it belongs. Say good-bye to manual data entry and automate your business.

How Docparser Can Help Your Business

Docparser can work seamlessly with small and medium enterprises. If your business process requires working with different kinds of documents such as invoices, order receipts, bank statements, etc, most of which are PDFs or have data items trapped in them, then Docparser can be a huge help.

Instead of manually reading the data and entering it in the system, use Docparser.

Set up its parsing engine with the parsing rules that work the best for your business needs and let it extract the data entries for you.

Not just that, Docparser will extract the data points and will send them to the application you need the data in. Docparser is integrated with many cloud-based applications such as – Zapier, Workato, Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Sheets and Microsoft. With Docparser, you can easily convert your paper documents into database records. 

Moreover, being a cloud-based software, Docparser can be used from anywhere, anytime saving you an immense amount of manual labor hours and getting error-free data records.

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