How Shield GEO Automated Their Business Workflow With Docparser (And Zapier)

Last Updated: August 15, 2023
How Shield GEO Automated Their Business Workflow With Docparser And Zapier

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Easily Extract Data From PDFs

Automate manual data entry tasks with Docparser

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Shield GEO is a Global Employment Organization that helps organisations in managing their employees internationally. In particular, they assist their clients in venturing out into new markets by managing and ensuring legal compliance of payroll, tax, immigration and employment requirements of their international employees.  Currently, Shield GEO manages hundreds of employees in over 50 countries.

Shield GEO uses Docparser to automate their business workflows, saving many hours of work per month and reducing operational costs considerably.

Using Docparser & Zapier To Automate Document Based Workflows

Shield GEO receives hundreds of documents per month from their clients and processes these documents for internal use. These documents are of different kinds, including HR payroll, Tax receipts and salary slips.

Shield GEO operates in more than 50 countries and every month they face the huge task of dealing with hundreds of documents in different formats, languages and content. Docparser gives them the flexibility of dealing with such diverse set of documents by running each document through the appropriate template.

To process these documents, Shield GEO needs to extract the information from them. This is where Docparser comes into the picture.

With the help of Docparser, Shield GEO automatically extracts data from PDFs such as names, dates, amounts, and other line items, thus automating a relatively complex and lengthy process. Manually extracting the information is not only time consuming and requires manual labour, but it is also error-prone. With Docparser, their task of extracting information becomes simpler, faster and more efficient.

After the information is extracted from the documents using Docparser, it is passed on to Zapier to be converted into a standard output format. From then on, it is imported into other applications and databases for further use.

Docparser can be integrated with a number of applications and Shield GEO is a good example of how they have used Docparser with several other online applications. Along with using Docparser and Zapier, Shield GEO also uses the following apps:

Dropbox – as a repository of documents. They pull the documents from Dropbox and parse them using Docparser.

Salesforce – Once the data is parsed from the documents, it is used to create records in Salesforce.

Xero – ShieldGEO processes hundreds of invoices on a monthly basis and for this, they use Xero. With Docparser, the accounting department can automatically create records in Xero based on data which got parsed from invoices.

How Shield GEO Benefits From Using Docparser (and Zapier)

The combination of Docparser and Zapier has been proved to be incredibly powerful for Shield GEO in dealing with a diverse and high amount of documents that it receives from its clients in different formats and languages.

The first step of parsing and extracting information from documents is taken care of by Docparser. For the next step, i.e. translating the documents’ data and transforming the data into a standardised format, it is done by Zapier. It sanitises the inputs and standardises them for further use in Shield GEO’s database.

Given the complexity and variety of the documents that Shield GEO deals with every month, the combination of Docparser and Zapier have helped them a lot in reducing their systematic error rates, increasing the accuracy of imported data and ensuring consistency across the board.

More importantly, the combination of Docparser and Zapier provides a platform that is scalable and cost-effective for Shield GEO.  Docparser gives them the helping hand at the first stage of data extraction, while Zapier integrates this information with all of their other business components and automating their internal system workflow.

This is what Jacky Lee of Shield GEO has to say about Docparser,

“When we first looked for document scanning solutions for our business, our search came up with few results that fit our business needs. We required something that was light-weight, easy to set up and was cost-friendly to a smaller start-up that scaled with the business as well. Our other options were typically enterprise level software with a significant price tag and were not easy to implement for a business of our size.

We had a go at Docparser and it provided exactly what we needed. It worked as intended and advertised with no overly convoluted tools. It’s clean, easy to navigate and it’s super easy to integrate with our other web apps. With the constant improvements and upgrades over the years, Docparser will remain a core part of our business processes.”

Try Docparser Now! And Automate Your Business.

Docparser caters to businesses of all sizes. If your business deals with heaps of documents that have trapped data, it is time to unlock that data automatically and receive it in a structured and desired format.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us.

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Automate manual data entry tasks with Docparser

No credit card required