Extract Citigroup Statements to Excel Easily With Docparser

Extract account details, activity, fees, and other data from Citigroup statements to Excel or Google Sheets. Get started in minutes and streamline your workflows.

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Citigroup Statements to Excel

Tired of Typing and Organizing Data Manually?

Are you a professional who spends hours typing data from Citigroup bank statements into Excel? Not only do you lose time, but you also expose yourself to costly data entry errors. And data entry becomes more stressful when you have time constraints and large volumes of bank statements.

So if you are facing these issues, leave manual data entry behind and embrace automated data capture with Docparser, the leading no-code document parsing solution.

Whether you are an accountant, a business owner, a financial analyst… use Docparser to extract data from Citigroup statements to Excel quickly and easily. Save your time for the work that moves the needle: tracking expenses, bank reconciliation, data analysis, risk management… so get started today—in just a few minutes!

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How to Extract Citigroup Statements to Excel in 4 Steps

Follow these 4 simple steps to extract Citigroup statements to Excel or Google Sheets:

Step 1: Create a template for your Citigroup statement

Start by creating your Docparser account. After that, click on the button ‘Start with a Blank Template’, and type a name for your Parser.

Docparser Template Library

Step 2: Upload a sample Citigroup statement

Download one or several bank statements from your Citigroup account in PDF format. Then, upload your sample document to your Docparser account and click on ‘Continue’. Docparser will import and preprocess the document.

Note that you can also import documents from a cloud storage provider, via our REST API, or send them by email.

Upload Documents

Step 3: Create Parsing Rules

Next, you want to create Parsing Rules for data fields such as the account holder, account number, balance summary, checking activity, etc. There are also many other Rules you can add to extract all sorts of data.

Bank Stateemnt Parsing Rules

For each Rule, you simply select a data field and the Rule editor will extract the data inside. You can then refine the parsing results with text or table filters to structure and format the parsed data exactly how you want.

Step 4: Download to Excel or Export to Google Sheets

You can download parsed data to a file in Excel, CSV, JSON or XML format. Alternatively, you can set up a direct integration to export your data to Excel or Google Sheets.

Create Microsoft Excel Integration

Moreover, our third-party integrations (like Zapier) allow you to export data to practically any cloud app.

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Why Use Docparser?

Parse both scanned and digital documents

Thanks to its OCR engine, Docparser can extract data from native documents as well as scanned documents. So if you receive Citigroup statements in paper format, you can still parse data to Excel with ease.

Centralize all data in one place

Docparser lets you centralize data from multiple bank statements in one Excel spreadsheet, making it fast and easy to conduct data analysis, budgeting, reporting, and other important tasks.

Customize the data extraction process

With Docparser’s Parsing Rules, you have full control over which data fields you want to extract and how you want their structure and formatting to be. Build custom Rules to extract and transform data fields however you like so that they match your spreadsheet’s layout perfectly.

Convert batches of documents at once

No need to waste time on extracting data from Citigroup statements one by one. Unlike other extraction tools, you can upload entire batches of bank statements and extract all the data inside to one spreadsheet—all in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

No more data entry errors

Human error causes many issues, from reconciliation delays to missed payments andnon-compliance, which cost a lot of time and money to fix. So prevent the cost of incorrect data once and for all with automated data capture.

Move data to any cloud app

Beyond Excel, you can send extracted data to any cloud application that you use via our integrations, including Google Sheets, QuickBooks, Zapier, and a lot more. Most other data extraction solutions do not feature this vast array of integrations. Use Docparser to streamline your workflows and supercharge productivity.

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What Customers Say About Docparser

“Docparser is a great tool to save time, reduce human data entry mistakes and automate low-value tasks for a company. Its really user-friendly interface and the default rules and filters are very well designed. They allow you, basically, to do whatever you want to extract data from your documents.”

— Pako B.

“Docparser, firstly, helps us convert our PDF statements accurately and we can also include more data from the statements that, previously, would have been too time-consuming. Secondly, with the integration with Microsoft Power Automate, we were able to automate the whole process from us receiving the emails to the extracted data being imported into the commission system in the correct format.

The data that Docparser extracts are very accurate; I’ve used a lot of PDF to Excel programs in the past, but none of them comes close to the accuracy that we get from Docparser.”

— Peter Nieuwoudt

“Really easy to set up and use. Super accurate to find the data in different document formats, even if it’s not always in the same location every time. Best thing is being able to get the information in an easy to use format to then process however you like.”

— Matt B.


Docparser FAQ

What document formats can I parse with Docparser?

You can parse documents in the following formats: PDF (both native and scanned), Word, and scanned documents in image formats (PNG, JPEG, and TIFF).

Can I extract my Citigroup statements to another application?

Yes! Docparser integrates with a multitude of applications other than Excel and Google Sheets. For instance, our Zapier integration allows you to send parsed data to thousands of cloud apps, like Xero, Google Slides, Slack, etc.

Can I extract data from other types of documents?

Of course! You can use Docparser to extract data from any recurring documents: invoices, purchase orders, contracts, and many more. Beyond bank statements, Docparser makes it easy to streamline any document-based workflow.

Is Docparser free?

You can use Docparser indefinitely for free to parse 30 to 150 pages per month. You can also sign up for a 21-day free trial of one of our paid plans.

Is Docparser secure?

Yes, we take data security and data privacy very seriously. Hundreds of businesses use Docparser every day to process sensitive documents. Documents are deleted after a period of time that you choose. To learn more, read our data security policy.

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to contact us, and feel free to explore our knowledge base for more information on Docparser.

Extract Citigroup Statements to Excel or Google Sheets

Say goodbye to manual data entry and start extracting your bank data to Excel or any cloud app. Streamline workflows, lower costs, and improve the quality of your work.

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