Import Data from PDF To Microsoft Excel

Want to automatically populate a Microsoft Excel Workbook with data that is trapped in PDFs or scanned documents? Import Data from PDF to Microsoft Excel with Docparser.

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About Microsoft Excel

Excel is one of the world’s most popular business tools. You can analyze and manipulate data to display it in colorful visualizations like bar charts. Powerful calculation and formula functionality allows you to gain powerful insight into your business.

Send Parsed Data To Microsoft Excel

Sending data from PDF to Microsoft Excel is a popular use-case for users wanting to make the parsed data accessible to their team in a shared spreadsheet. In addition, Microsoft Excel makes an excellent data storage backend thanks to the hundreds of integrations and add-ons available in the Microsoft ecosystem.

With Docparser, you can extract data (Including line items!) from invoices, purchase orders, work orders, service tickets, contracts, and any other document you have. All of this data can be automatically added to a MS Excel file that is stored on MS OneDrive.

What The Microsoft Excel Integration Can Do

  • Add new rows to an existing Microsoft Excel workbook in real time
  • Map parsed data to columns in a Microsoft Excel workbook
  • Microsoft Excel documents must be stored in Microsoft’s OneDrive service

A Fully Automated Process With Microsoft Excel

Not only can Docparser send data parsed from PDFs to Microsoft Excel workbooks, it is also easy to automatically import documents into other systems that are in the Excel format. You can also use Microsoft’s Power Automate service to send data to Sharepoint, Dynamics, Power BI and other Microsoft products.

Connect Docparser to Microsoft Excel and say goodbye to manual data entry

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