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Automating CRM Data Entry Workflows With Docparser

If you’re looking for a way to automate your CRM data entry and grow your business, this article is perfect for you.

The average office worker spends approximately two hours a day entering data into CRM systems. Whether you are in sales, real estate, or another industry that utilizes the power of a CRM, automating your data entry is one of the most effective ways to save time and money, as well as improving the accuracy of your data. There is no better tool for the job than Docparser. 

Automate CRM Data Entry

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CRM Data Entry: What’s The Point?

A Firm of the Future study disclosed how just 10 hours per week of data entry, at the hourly rate of $30, can set a company back at least $15,000 each year. If you’re going to read one sentence from this article this is it: No CRM data entry task should cost that much.

CRM Data Entry Time

Fortunately, there are many benefits that come with using CRM data entry automation software.

Benefits of Automating Data Entry in your CRM

Let’s discuss a few advantages of automation that apply to all CRM data entry cases. 

  1. Increase data entry speed – Even the most experienced data entry professional cannot come close to the speed at which an automation process handles CRM data. Automation removes the waiting period for data to start showing up in your CRM.
  2. Error margins – By virtue of being human, we all fall short and make mistakes. Especially when entering data into CRMs for hours on end. On the other hand, an automation script works at the same degree of accuracy every single time.
  3. Financial upsides – Unless you decide to make the CRM and any other integrations around it from scratch, data entry automation will never cost you as much as the man-hours lost through manual data entry. 

Present these benefits to your company’s decision-makers, and their next concerns will be “how do you make it happen?”

How to Automate CRM Data Entry With Docparser

The ability to automate data entry is one of the most valuable tools in a company’s arsenal. With Docparser, you can replace repetitive and error-prone data entry with a fully automated process. 

Here’s how:  

  1. Send your data to Docparser – You can either upload your documents into the app, or integrate it with your cloud storage solution (Dropbox, Drive, etc.). Another option is emailing your documents to a Docparser receiving mailbox.
  2. Set parsing criteria – Whether you need to pull names, addresses, dates, or any other information from your documents, you can set that up in your parsing rules. 
  3. Forward parsed data to a CRM – Once parsed, you can configure Docparser to automatically create new records in the CRM of your choice. We’ll get into the technical details of this part shortly.

Note: While Docparser is perfect for removing manual data entry, it has fewer native CRM integrations than our sister company, Mailparser. Capable of parsing attachments as well as email body, Mailparser works perfectly with custom data collection forms and creates new CRM data entries in Zoho and SuiteCRM.

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How To Automate Entry Of New Objects To Your CRM With Docparser

The easiest way to do this would be if Docparser already has a native integration option with your CRM. Such is the case with Salesforce and Google Sheets. 

Let’s dive deeper into how easy it is to connect Docparser to Salesforce for automated data entry in your CRM.

Docparser’s Salesforce CRM Integration

Docparser to Salesforce Integration for CRM Data Entry

Docparser is arguably the most efficient way to turn data from PDF files into Salesforce CRM entries. Once you have your parsing rules set, you can rest knowing that your CRM will automatically capture new entries every time.

Read this article for an in-depth walkthrough of the Docparser-Salesforce integration. 

Integrating Docparser With Other CRMs

Docparser can also share parsed data with any other CRM. Once you have parsed data from Docparser, there are several ways you can send that data to a CRM other than Salesforce. 

  1. Use integration platforms – You can connect Docparser to either of Zapier, Workato, Microsoft Flow, or Claris Connect. This route requires zero coding experience.
  2. Use webhooks – Think of webhooks as the send-all method through HTTP requests. You’d need to know some code to use this route.

Both options open the integration possibilities of Docparser to 1000s of custom and popular CRM platforms. 

Use Cases for Automating CRM Data Entry

Things got a bit complex at the end of the integration section above. To boil things down a bit, let’s focus on what we typically want to achieve with Docparser and your CRM.

Below are a few use cases for CRM data entry automation.

  • Real estate business case – Real estate agents often give out documents and forms to spark sales and rental agreements. Docparser turns data from those documents into new CRM entries with automated parsing and integration with your preferred Customer Relationship Management software. 
  • Sales team optimization – Capturing billing information from contracts becomes a seamless process when you remove the manual copy and paste activity. Docparser makes it easy to create action items for sales teams’ incoming emails with documents. 
  • Business process optimization – Automation is the perfect line of action when your company is scaling beyond your expectations. The good thing is for an automated data entry process, you don’t have to hire new staff to pick up the pace. Everything is trained into automation. 
  • Customer Relationship Management Workflow Automation – An automated data entry workflow can process thousands of documents daily. Can your current manual process match that?

Additional Docparser Features

Docparser provides robust document capture and data extraction solutions for countless industries and use cases. With an easy setup and no coding required, Docparser also offers:

  • Parsing Presets
  • Custom Parsing Rules
  • Built-in OCR Engine
  • Immediate Document Processing
  • Barcode & QR-Code Scanner
  • Batch Upload
  • API Integration
  • Download data in many formats, like XML, CSV, Excel, JSON, and more
  • Integrations with Cloud Apps
  • So much more

The moment you streamline both document processing and data entry, you’re guaranteed to start seeing more insights produced from the data. Experience all these benefits with a free Docparser account (no credit card required) and create a workflow that’s certain to benefit your business. 

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