Case Studies

Use Zonal OCR to Extract Data From Scanned Documents

Zonal OCR, or Zonal Optical Character Recognition, also sometimes referred to as Template OCR, is a technology used to extract text located at a specific location inside a scanned document. This article will explain how Zonal OCR works and how it can automate data-entry workflows. Most of today’s document and PDF scanning offer out-of-the-box Optical Character Recognition (OCR) capabilities that convert your scanned […]

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Alpine Industries Case Study

How Alpine Industries Uses Docparser to Automate ERP Data Entry

Manual data entry is a common problem across all markets and industries. Typing information by hand into ERP systems is time-consuming, tedious, and error-prone. Thankfully, you can use automation tools like Docparser to save hours of work and prevent human error. In this case study, we’ll take a look at how Alpine Industries used to […]

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Warehouse Automation

5 Warehouse Automation Tools with Great ROI

Warehouse automation is one of the biggest technological innovations in supply chain management. With its wide range of applications and massive ROI, it’s no wonder companies all around the world are investing in it. This need for efficient technology is even more urgent given the continuous growth of eCommerce and the challenges it poses in […]

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Logistics Automation systems

Top 5 Logistics Automation Systems You Can Implement Today

The freight industry is known for its razor-thin margins. As such, being able to deliver cost-efficient services is vital to stay in the market and outpace the competition. Luckily, there are many logistics automation technologies that companies can leverage to cut down costs while improving the quality of service. If your business hasn’t invested in […]

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Supply Chain Automation

Why Supply Chain Automation Is Essential to Business Growth

We live in a time of disruption, where businesses need to adapt quickly to new changes. Traditional supply chain management can no longer keep up with increasing demand levels. The key to gaining a competitive edge lies in the adoption of automation technologies. In this article, you’re going to learn why supply chain automation has […]

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How MATERIALESDEFABRICA.COM uses Docparser for Invoice Organization

How MATERIALESDEFABRICA Uses Docparser for Invoice Organization

PDFs are an integral part of any business. Whether they’re invoices, purchase orders, bank statements, or bills of lading, businesses need to find a way to automate the processing and organization of the data in those documents. This is where Docparser comes in. As a cloud-based B2B SaaS, we extract data locked inside of documents […]

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