PDF to Google Sheets

Easily Convert PDF to Google Sheets

Automatically convert PDF to Google Sheets with Docparser. With many business documents in PDF format, extracting data to Google Sheets is a tricky and time-consuming manual task. Whether you are a bootstrapped SaaS founder, an entreprenuer, a small business, or working in a large corporation, automating the export of data from PDF to Google Sheets doesn’t have to be difficult […]

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convert pdf bank statements to excel

Easily Convert PDF Bank Statements to Excel with Docparser

Have you ever tried converting bank statements to an Excel sheet or a CSV? If you have, you understand how cumbersome, time-consuming, and complicated it can be to convert PDF bank statements to Excel or CSV.  It gets even more complex if the data you intend to extract bank transactions from is a scanned document and not a […]

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how to extract text from a pdf

How to Extract Text from a PDF in Seconds: 3 Simple Steps

Extracting text from PDF isn’t easy. Not many PDF readers can extract text from PDF images or scanned PDFs. The problem compounds if the PDF has graphs or tables or any other kind of non-linear data that can not be simply copied and pasted. This article will discuss how you can easily extract text from a […]

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Invoice Data Extraction

Use Invoice Data Extraction to Skyrocket Your Productivity

Accounts payable teams often struggle with invoice processing—an essential step in the invoice approval process. The more invoices there are, then the longer it takes to input data into your system. It also doesn’t help that manual data entry is error-prone by nature, so incorrect data will definitely fall through the cracks. The solution then […]

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PDF Data Extraction to Excel

How to Automate PDF Data Extraction to Excel

Most of the time, PDF files only allow you to download, view, print, and send information. So to manipulate data, you need to move it from PDF to another format. Excel in particular is very useful for editing data, keeping a database, performing calculations and analyses, etc. The best way is to automate PDF data […]

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