No code tools

10 Great No-Code Tools to Better Run Your Business

Building tools, websites, and applications used to be a long and costly endeavor that only software developers could carry out. But things are much different today. In fact, the business world is seeing a surge in low-code and no-code tools. You can easily find tools for building websites and apps, managing your team, or automating […]

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Convert PDF to Google Sheets

How to Convert PDF to Google Sheets With Docparser

Get time back. Automatically convert PDF to Google Sheets with Docparser. BOOK A DEMO Try It Free With many business documents in PDF format, extracting data to Google Sheets is a tricky and time-consuming manual task. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a small business, or working in a large corporation, keep reading and you will learn how […]

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Operations Automation

How to Use Automated Data Capture for Operations Automation

Countless businesses lose money to operational issues like delays, paperwork, data overload, waste, and a lot more. Whether your business operations consist of manufacturing, merchandising, or performing services, you probably have faced similar issues before. Thankfully, current technologies can help you streamline your operations to save time and money. Automation, in particular, is a huge […]

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CRM Data Entry

Automating CRM Data Entry Workflows With Docparser

If you’re looking for a way to automate your CRM data entry and grow your business, this article is perfect for you. The average office worker spends approximately two hours a day entering data into CRM systems. Whether you are in sales, real estate, or another industry that utilizes the power of a CRM, automating […]

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Converting Word to Excel

How Converting Word to Excel Can Improve Employee Effectiveness by 40%

If manually copy and pasting data from Word documents to Excel is part of your daily workflow, we understand how frustrating and time consuming this can be. From hunting down the right document to finding the right information to copying and pasting the data and sharing it with colleagues, employee effectiveness ends up being seriously […]

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scheduling downloads with windows task manager

How to Schedule Downloads with Windows Task Scheduler

To add an even greater level of automation to your workflow, Windows machines can be configured to automatically download a copy of your parsed data each day without having to install any software. Please note this guide is written for experienced users and does require some knowledge of Task Scheduler.

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