convert pdf to json

How To Convert PDF to JSON With Docparser

Without a doubt, PDF is the de-facto exchange format for business documents. But PDF is only a replacement for paper, and businesses around the globe have a hard time accessing essential data that is trapped inside their PDF documents. On the other hand, JSON has probably become the most popular data exchange format for syncing […]

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Automate Sales Leads in Salesforce

How to Automate Sales Leads in Salesforce Using Docparser

Salesforce is the most popular CRM platform in the world, with over 150,000 users. It’s also one of our key integration partners — many of our customers use our native Salesforce integration to send data extracted from documents to their accounts. Since users can’t import lead data directly from, say, PDF files, Docparser acts as […]

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PDF to Oracle

How to Extract PDF to Oracle Without Coding

Many businesses use Oracle solutions to store and manage databases. But here’s where a problem may arise: how do you move data trapped in documents into your Oracle database in the first place? Whether you need to process invoices, financial reports, HR records, or any other document, the process of extracting PDF to Oracle traditionally […]

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PDF to Microsoft Business Central

How to Extract PDF to Microsoft Business Central With This Tool

All sorts of organizations use Microsoft Business Central to manage operations, finances, sales, customer service, and more. This cloud-based, comprehensive business management solution is also used as an ERP system by thousands of businesses. In fact, Forbes named it the best ERP system in 2023. However, before you can use Business Central’s amazing features, sometimes […]

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How to Extract PDF to SAP With Docparser

Thousands of businesses worldwide use SAP solutions to streamline and manage their processes across different departments, from finance to HR, sales, IT, etc. If you work in one of these companies, then you must’ve had to deal with some data entry issues. Let’s face it: inputting information into a database is boring at best, and […]

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Invoice to ERP

Easily Extract Your Invoice to ERP With Docparser

To run their business, companies need suppliers of energy, telecommunications, goods, etc. So naturally, Accounts Payable departments receive a steady flow of invoices that they need to process. However, they often struggle with the painstaking process of entering invoice data into their ERP systems. When invoice processing takes a lot of time, AP teams run […]

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