Docparser: An Affordable Nanonets Alternative

From invoices to purchase orders and HR forms, bank statements, and any other type of business documents, Docparser quickly and accurately captures data so you can act on it right away. 

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Meagan B.
Meagan B.
Great solution for copy and past PDF ☺It works super easy en friendly. A really good solution to copy files from a PDF to an Excel file. ☹You cannot upload more than 30 pages. So you need to cut your pdf in pieces and then upload the cutted pdf separately.
Mikayla C.
Mikayla C.
Great and Time Saving We have reduced our time entering information by half by having only the relevant information extracted so we don't have to open and read the PDF. ☺Being able to search for a marker to extract the data after it ☹The refine search function was a little confusing at first but with some time playing around with it I got the hang of it.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
It works only in specific cases It's a bit tricky sometimes to use it but it saves some time when it comes to entering big documents. Also you need to consider if its worth it to enter some information with the software because uploading can take more time than entering manually sometimes ☺It really helps when it comes to entering big amounts of information for a document. ☹In some documents, it does not work really well, and sometimes create a new template is a bit annoying. but once you have its really helpful
Casper M.
Casper M.
It do what I need ☺ The product works and is stable. Once you get started using it, it's easy to set up new documents. We scan a number of documents, and with the program we have the opportunity to scale processes that are otherwise manual. ☹Nothing.
Matt B.
Matt B.
The best tool to structure your data from incoming documents ☺Really easy to setup and use. Super accurate to find the data in different document formats, even if it's not always in the same location every time. Best thing is being able to get the information in an easy to use format to then process however you like ☹It would be great to see the OCR be able to handle written responses and some more integrations with Office products
Nate P.
Nate P.
This product eliminates menial tasks I like it because it does things that Mailparser can't do. ☺Automation because it saves us a ton of time. ☹Sometimes the webhooks don't always seem to work with my target program.
Matthew L.
Matthew L.
Docparser review ☺Easy to use and integrate with existing software ☹Slightly expensive but worth the money if you use it to save time
Matt H.
Matt H.
Docparser saves my team hundreds of hours and helps identify new business opportunities Every month my team would get a 700+ page PDF report with project status updates. Each page was a different project. Some of these were old projects and not of interest. Some were projects we were already working on and needed to keep tracking. Some were new projects that we needed to engage with. Searching and splitting up this document manually was inefficient and we were missing out on important projects. I started searching for solutions, from Python scripts to PowerQuery to software packages/services. I looked at several companies, including Docparser. I attended webinars and had demos. By being able to try our Docparser's free tier with some sample documents, I was able to figure out that it could do exactly what I wanted. I got some help from the user support team and now I've got my parsing rules perfected. So every month when the 700+ page PDF comes out, I can pull out the information my team needs and export it all to Excel. We're savings hundreds of hours of frustration and not missing anything important. ☺Very easy to setup because of helpful guides. I was able to "test drive" the software using the free tier, to make sure it could produce EXACTLY what I wanted. This was a huge help to evaluate vs other products and help make our decision. Now that I have my parsing rules set up, it's extremely easy to run my big report once a month and distribute to my team. ☹Bit of a learning curve to get the parsing rules set up correctly. I needed to attend their help webinar to understand what I was doing wrong (but then got lots of help).
Kevin V.
Kevin V.
Docparser helps Docparser has made it possible to automate a number of recurring human actions ☺Easy to use and to implement in your own software ☹User-friendliness and easy mode to scale up
John W.
John W.
Great Platform ☺We no longer have to enter every single invoice into our Business System. With Webhook integration, we are fully integrated from a manufacturer's invoice PDF to our Accounts Payable interface. ☹Sometimes Docparser detects lines as a character, but that is mostly expected from an OCR platform.

The Top Alternative to Nanonets

Extract your data from Word, PDF and image files with Docparser. Send to 100’s of formats and integrations.

Free trial. No credit card required. 

Manual data entry is time-consuming, error-prone, and costly. Document parsing solutions, like Docparser and Nanonets automate this process with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Businesses use Docparser, an affordable Nanonets alternative, to eliminate countless hours from their processes, minimize human error, and gain more data visibility. This effectively saves them a great deal of time, money, and effort.

Nanonets Alternative

By automating repetitive and time-consuming data entry tasks, Docparser helps you streamline your processes to do more in less time. After you create your free account, you will be able to:

  • Use pre-set templates for common documents
  • Create custom rules from scratch – no coding involved
  • Extract data from any documents with high accuracy while paying less than for other solutions
  • Download your extracted data
  • Directly integrate with hundreds of cloud apps
  • Forward any number of documents to be parsed automatically
  • Get in touch with our support team for anything you need help with
  • Upgrade to a plan that fits your needs
  • And much more

Try Docparser for free and see how much time, effort, and money you can save with it. Don’t pay for more than what you need. 

Build your tailored document capture and data extraction solution in minutes with zero coding required

Upload your business documents

Upload your scanned or digital documents either from your computer, by connecting to your cloud storage solution, or by sending an email with attachments (if you want to parse data trapped in emails, check our dedicated email parsing tool, Mailparser).

Choose from a library of quick-start templates

Pick a template with pre-built parsing rules – the instructions Docparser follows to identify and extract data. Docparser comes with a variety of templates that recognize common documents fields like dates, names, values, etc.

Create your custom parsing rules

Configure Docparser to recognize and extract data with custom parsing rules. No coding is required – you simply outline data fields and create filters to isolate the data you want. Create different rules for different types of documents and watch as Docparser extracts your data in minutes.

Download your parsed data

Download your data directly to Excel, CSV, JSON or XML formats.

Export your data to thousands of cloud apps

Send your data via a webhook to a cloud application you already use, like Google Sheets or Zapier, and use it right away to streamline your processes. If you use Microsoft’s Power Automate, you can connect it to Docparser to automate document parsing. This way, you can directly connect Docparser to Microsoft Sharepoint, Dynamics, Power BI, and other Microsoft apps via Power Automate.

Docparser Integration with Google Sheets

Docparser vs Nanonets: Which Parser to Choose?

Docparser and Nanonets have many similarities along with some key differences. Firstly, Docparser comes with pre-built templates for commonly used documents such as:

  • Invoices
  • Purchase orders
  • Application forms
  • Standardized contracts
  • Shipping orders
  • Delivery notes
  • Work orders
  • Generated reports
  • Etc.

When you use Nanonets, you may have to build a custom Model (the equivalent of parsing rules in Docparser) for these types of documents.

Furthermore, while both Docparser and Nanonets allow for direct integration with cloud applications like Zapier or Google Sheets, this feature is included in all Docparser plans –whereas it’s reserved to the Enterprise plan in Nanonets.

Speaking of pricing plans, Docparser allows you to choose from a variety of pricing plans the one that best fits your needs and budget. Nanonets, however, does not include an intermediate plan between their Free plan and the Pro plan, with the latter being priced at $499 per month.

Docparser vs Nanonets Comparison

Docparser Nanonets
Free plan 500 pages 100 pages
Starter plan $32.50/month X
Pro plan $61.50/month $499/model/month
Business plan $133/month X
Enterprise plan Contact Docparser Contact Nanonets
Parse PDF & image files
Parse Word files X
Import documents from a cloud app (Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc.)
Create customer parsing rules
Download to Excel, CSV, JSON, XML
Google Sheets export integration
Access to multiple cloud integrations
API tool
Beginners resources, articles, and support
Interactive webinars for new users X
Add-ons X
On-premise deployment X
Customer support
Dedicated support

Why Customers Prefer Docparser

Companies are looking for affordable data capture solutions that are easy to use and deliver data that’s structured and accurate. Our customers prefer Docparser because it can extract data with 100% accuracy as long as it can read the documents and the parsing rules are configured properly. Furthermore, once you use our integration option, Docparser becomes a “set it and forget it” kind of solution that does all the heavy lifting for you.

Below are a few quotes from Docparser users explaining why they chose it over other options:


Docparser Customer Fourniresto

“We receive hundreds of invoices, order confirmations and shipping notices from our suppliers every day. We were looking for a tool that could digest all different types of documents and convert them to clean and structured data. This is exactly what Docparser does!”


Docparser Customer Mingo

“Docparser has allowed us to use PDFs to fully automate our job management system. Unlike other systems we looked at, Docparser gives us flexibility and control over how the data is being extracted.”

Construction Monitor

Docparser Customer Construction Monitor

“We reviewed several OCR solutions. […] With Docparser we found a system that was amazingly simple to use at a fraction of the price of every other system we had reviewed.”

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How to Get Started with Docparser

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