Automate Wholesale Order Fulfillment

The Wholesale industry is a fast paced dynamic environment where reliable tracking of goods, purchase and sales orders, delivery notes and invoices is a priority.

Every day, wholesalers compile a huge volume of merchandise and shipping documents

Massive inflow and outlflow of shipping notes, inventory lists, invoices and purchase and sales orders provide challenges for many wholesaling organizations. Keeping "on top" of received goods and products shipped to customers is critical to keep balanced and accurate with inventory counts, shipping timelines and the accounting ledger.

Docparser automates wholesale order fulfillment

Our PDF processing solution allows you to set rules to extract critical information from Invoices, Purchase Orders, Sales Orders, Shipping Notes and more. Whether your business documents are in a fixed layout or they vary, Docparser's flexible parsing rule creation and filtering capabilities allow users to tailor make each layout parser for the specific document you are processing. Have stacks of invoices from one supplier that are always in the exact same physical layout? No problem, we can assist you in extracting that information and sending it to nearly any endpoint. Maybe each business document has a different layout? We have you covered with our smart filters that can search documents based on keywords to speed up your data collection. Getting started is easy with our free trial, and our support team can assist you in getting set-up and extracting data in no time.

Docparser is an inexpensive and agile alternative to EDI. Send your processed data to countless endpoints through our native and partner integrations or by utilizing our api. Want to convert your PDF to JSON, XML, Excel, or CSV too. Our solution provides flexibility to suit your changing needs.

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