Parse Documents With Docparser, the Best Parsio Alternative

Looking for an alternative to Parsio? Extract data from documents using Docparser, the document parser that combines AI data extraction and customizable parsing rules. Easy to use, accurate, and highly flexible

Why Choose Docparser?

Docparser is a no-code, AI-powered document parser that makes it easy to extract data from business documents and send it to spreadsheets, cloud applications, and APIs. Save countless hours of manual data entry for high-value work.

Easy AI document processing

Docparser has an AI-powered template that can automatically create parsing rules for your document within seconds. For each data field, Docparser AI creates a rule that you can review and refine if needed. So the setup process is fast and effortless.

Customize for perfect results

Unlike other document processing tools, Docparser lets you freely customize how you want data to be extracted. You can extract tables in just a few clicks, format data points like dates and phone numbers, change the structure of tables, modify data points, and so much more.

Trusted by hundreds of organizations

Countless organizations, small and large, use Docparser every day to extract important information from recurring documents. Among our customers are organizations such as Adobe, NBC Universal, and NBA. They choose us because we provide a reliable parsing tool and world-class support.

Docparser vs Parsio Comparison

Free trial100 credits per month, all core features included30 credits per month, all core features included
Pricing plansStarter: $39/month

Professional: $74/month

Business: $159/month

Enterprise: custom quote
Starter: $49/month

Growth: $149/month

Business: $299/month

Custom quote
Price for 1,200 credits per year$39/month$49/month
Credits needed to parse a document of 1 page1 credit per attachment1, 2, or 5 credits per attachment depending on the parser used (template-based, AI, or GPT-powered)
Credits needed to parse a document of 5 pages1 credit5 credits or more
OCR document parsing
AI-powered document parsing
Pre-set templates for various industries (accounting, eCommerce, etc.) and document categories (invoices, form-based contracts, etc.)X
Extract tables from PDFsAvailable by default and costs only 1 credit, even if there are multiple tablesNot available in the template-based parser – you need to use the GPT-powered parser or AI-powered parser, both of which cost more credits
Customize table structure– Filter rows and columns based on specific criteria

– Split, merge, and transpose columns

– Refine cell values

– Calculate new columns

– And more
Not possible
Multi-layout parsers
Customize parsing rulesX
Format specific data points (dates, phone numbers, capitalization, etc.)X
Extended document retention add-onX
Version controlX
Teams – create and manage users that are attached ot your main accountX
Managed usersX
Multi-factor authentication (MFA)X
Download formatsXLS, CSV, JSON, XMLXLS, CSV, JSON
Inbound integrationsGoogle Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Workato, Make, Claris Connect, inbound emails, FTP server, APIInbound emails, Zapier, Make, API, etc.
Outbound direct integrationsGoogle Sheets, Excel Online, Salesforce CRMGoogle Sheets, Salesforce CRM
Outbound third-party integrationsZapier, Microsoft Power Automate, Workato, Claris ConnectZapier, Slack, Airtable, Dropbox, Make, Integrately, Pabbly Connect, Albato, KonnectzIT, and more
Custom integrationsWebhooks, APIWebhooks, API
Knowledge base
Customer support  
Email support
Phone supportX
Parsing assistantX

Extract Data From Documents in Seconds

Create your account today and explore the automation possibilities offered by this flexible Parsio alternative.

No credit card required.

How Docparser Works

Upload documents

Create your first document parser, then upload or import a sample document.

Extract data

Select Docparser AI to automatically create parsing rules. You can freely customize rules and add more if needed. Once set up, your parser extracts data whenever new documents are imported.

Download or export

Download your data in various formats (XLS, CSV, JSON, and XML), or export it to cloud applications you already use (e.g. Google Sheets, Salesforce, etc.).

Key Benefits of Using Docparser

Minimize Data Entry Costs

Manual data entry is already a thing of the past. Organizations that still rely on it face large costs due to manual inputting and data errors.

With automation, however, data entry is no longer an issue. Extract data from batches of documents within seconds instead of hours. The cost of data entry will drastically go down while data accuracy goes up.

Save Time for High-Impact Work

Instead of spending hours inputting data by yourself, let Docparser extract it for you and focus on performing amazing work that grows your business.

This reliable Parsio alternative frees you and your team from the burden of data entry so you can dedicate more time to high-impact work such as sales, customer service, data analysis, product improvement, and more.

Streamline Workflows

Connect Docparser with thousands of cloud applications, from Google Sheets to Salesforce, Microsoft Power Automate, and more. So whenever you upload new documents, they get processed and parsed data is sent where it belongs. You can also create webhooks to send data to any URL endpoint.

This seamless flow of data ensures your workflows are streamlined and free from bottlenecks and data errors. You and your team can focus on what you do best with the peace of mind that data entry is no longer a source of trouble.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I extract with Docparser?

You can extract data from a wide variety of documents, including invoices, purchase orders, bills of lading, bank statements, work orders, and more. Commonly parsed data fields include names, dates, phone numbers, blocks of text, tables, line items, etc.

Where can I learn how to use Docparser?

We have a knowledge base with hundreds of articles and tutorials covering our most requested topics. You can also explore our blog where we cover various use cases.

Does Docparser work with my CRM?

You can integrate Docparser directly with popular CRMs like Salesforce, with third-party platforms such as Zapier or Power Automate, and to any API via our advanced webhook integration.

Does Docparser offer a free trial?

Yes, you can get started with the forever free plan which gives you 100 credits per month — one credit can be used to parse a document of up to 5 pages.

Is Docparser safe to use?

Yes. At Docparser, data privacy and security are a core priority. We use bank-level encryption and our system is compliant with the latest web security standards. Plus, your data is deleted after a retention period of your choosing. For more details, you can read our security statement.

What Customers Have to Say

Based on 106 reviews
Meagan B.
Meagan B.
Great solution for copy and past PDF ☺It works super easy en friendly. A really good solution to copy files from a PDF to an Excel file. ☹You cannot upload more than 30 pages. So you need to cut your pdf in pieces and then upload the cutted pdf separately.
Mikayla C.
Mikayla C.
Great and Time Saving We have reduced our time entering information by half by having only the relevant information extracted so we don't have to open and read the PDF. ☺Being able to search for a marker to extract the data after it ☹The refine search function was a little confusing at first but with some time playing around with it I got the hang of it.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
It works only in specific cases It's a bit tricky sometimes to use it but it saves some time when it comes to entering big documents. Also you need to consider if its worth it to enter some information with the software because uploading can take more time than entering manually sometimes ☺It really helps when it comes to entering big amounts of information for a document. ☹In some documents, it does not work really well, and sometimes create a new template is a bit annoying. but once you have its really helpful
Casper M.
Casper M.
It do what I need ☺ The product works and is stable. Once you get started using it, it's easy to set up new documents. We scan a number of documents, and with the program we have the opportunity to scale processes that are otherwise manual. ☹Nothing.
Matt B.
Matt B.
The best tool to structure your data from incoming documents ☺Really easy to setup and use. Super accurate to find the data in different document formats, even if it's not always in the same location every time. Best thing is being able to get the information in an easy to use format to then process however you like ☹It would be great to see the OCR be able to handle written responses and some more integrations with Office products
Nate P.
Nate P.
This product eliminates menial tasks I like it because it does things that Mailparser can't do. ☺Automation because it saves us a ton of time. ☹Sometimes the webhooks don't always seem to work with my target program.
Matthew L.
Matthew L.
Docparser review ☺Easy to use and integrate with existing software ☹Slightly expensive but worth the money if you use it to save time
Matt H.
Matt H.
Docparser saves my team hundreds of hours and helps identify new business opportunities Every month my team would get a 700+ page PDF report with project status updates. Each page was a different project. Some of these were old projects and not of interest. Some were projects we were already working on and needed to keep tracking. Some were new projects that we needed to engage with. Searching and splitting up this document manually was inefficient and we were missing out on important projects. I started searching for solutions, from Python scripts to PowerQuery to software packages/services. I looked at several companies, including Docparser. I attended webinars and had demos. By being able to try our Docparser's free tier with some sample documents, I was able to figure out that it could do exactly what I wanted. I got some help from the user support team and now I've got my parsing rules perfected. So every month when the 700+ page PDF comes out, I can pull out the information my team needs and export it all to Excel. We're savings hundreds of hours of frustration and not missing anything important. ☺Very easy to setup because of helpful guides. I was able to "test drive" the software using the free tier, to make sure it could produce EXACTLY what I wanted. This was a huge help to evaluate vs other products and help make our decision. Now that I have my parsing rules set up, it's extremely easy to run my big report once a month and distribute to my team. ☹Bit of a learning curve to get the parsing rules set up correctly. I needed to attend their help webinar to understand what I was doing wrong (but then got lots of help).
Kevin V.
Kevin V.
Docparser helps Docparser has made it possible to automate a number of recurring human actions ☺Easy to use and to implement in your own software ☹User-friendliness and easy mode to scale up
John W.
John W.
Great Platform ☺We no longer have to enter every single invoice into our Business System. With Webhook integration, we are fully integrated from a manufacturer's invoice PDF to our Accounts Payable interface. ☹Sometimes Docparser detects lines as a character, but that is mostly expected from an OCR platform.

A Powerful Parsio Alternative

Extract data from your documents within seconds with this AI-powered alternative to Parsio. Send parsed data to 100’s of formats and integrations and streamline all your document-based workflows.

No credit card required.