How Realty Trust Services, LLC Saved 50 Hours of Work With Docparser (and Zapier)

Realty Trust Services, LLC is a small real estate brokerage firm in northeastern Ohio (Cleveland Metropolitan Area). They serve single-family properties as well as large multifamily properties in the area and provide services ranging from REO and property management to property leasing and compliance check.

The owner and founder of Realty Trust Services LLC, Andrew Morris, is a licensed real estate broker in the Ohio region. The various testimonials of Andrew’s customers speak volumes about the great service he provides to his customers.

Andrew saves a whopping amount of 50 hours every month by automating his business using Zapier and Docparser.

Read on further to know how they do so and how businesses of all sizes can save time, money and effort, and errors by automating their workflows.

Realty Trust Services’ main website is, which lists the housings available in its area. The company caters to national as well as international real estate investors looking to invest in one of the hottest areas for investing in real estate for cash flow in the USA.

Here is a before-and-after account of how Docparser – Zapier integration has helped them in automating their business process.

As part of their business management, they deal with a lot of utility bills which come in different formats from different utilities. They also have a database of codes that directs them in processing those utilities in several ways.

Before Docparser (and Zapier)

Earlier, Realty Trust Services, LLC’s business process looked like this:

  1. Scanning a stack of bills using a snap scanner
  2. Manually separating all documents
  3. Manually reading through each document to type up and pull out key information such as address utilities being billed for, meter number, account number, start reading, end reading, start date, end date, previous bill amount, the amount paid in last period, recent billing, current total due, etc, and most of the data would be typed into the file name
  4. Manually looking up for the code/billing process of that address in the database
  5. In the cases of delinquent balances, manually looking up in the database to verify if there was a bill in the system owed for those delinquent balances or if there is no need to pay out for these delinquent balances
  6. In some cases, manually emailing the tenants with bills attached
  7. Manually putting the bill into the system in some cases and also charging some tenants to recover the billing amount

After Docparser (and Zapier)

Now, their business process is automated and looks like this:

  1. Automated scanning of the stack of utility bills
  2. They upload the batch of files on Docparser’s parsing engine then splits and reads utilities for data as necessary and posts to Zapier. Zapier then adds each split document and its corresponding data to a table on Google sheet.
  3. The Google sheet has a table that pulls corresponding data from our customer database in It has formulas that automatically send them alerts about issues of high usage and which need further follow up and alerts about delinquent bill issues that need further attention. Google sheet automatically looks up for the proper procedure. It concatenates field data into a field name. It presents a link to the proper database object in to where they can save the resulting file with one click only.
  4. Towards the end, they simply copy-paste the data which was put together to save the file and add it in the system and then forward it with all the data looked up necessary to do in several keystrokes.

The automation of reading files and presenting them with structured data as well as the ability to automate off of that data further saves Realty Trust Services, LLC, at least 50 hours monthly and cuts the total time to 1/5 of the time it took earlier when they did it all manually.

In the words of Andrew Morris,

“We are looking forward to further automation in this process to cut the time in half again by putting data from the sheet directly into a process and hope to then make it simple enough to reliably used outsourced labor and reduce time spent by our skilled office staff on manual labor repetitive but essential tasks.”

About Docparser

Docparser is a data extraction tool that helps you in extracting and parsing all kinds of documents and files and delivers them to you in a format of your choice and your destination.

Docparser is integrated with Zapier, Microsoft, Google Sheets, Salesforce, Workato, and many more.

Our parsing engine is fast and easy to set up and mostly requires only a one-time setup.

Moreover, our support is active and cordial. For any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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