Google Drive Extraction - Extract Data From Documents Stored In Google Drive

Do you have documents stored in your Google Drive account and want to extract specific data points from them? Use our Google Drive integration to automatically import documents into Docparser.

About Google Drive

Google Drive is a wide spread and well known file sharing and cloud storage solution. Google Drive is a safe cloud storage platform for all your files and puts them within reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. While Google Drive can be used for free as a stand-alone solution, its real power comes into play when used in combination with other G Suite products, such as Google Sheets, Google Docs, Gmail etc.

How Docparser can help with Google Drive Extraction

Our Google Drive integration provides a simple solution to import documents from your local workstation to your Docparser account. Just place your documents in your Google Drive and they will be automatically imported and processed by your document parser, without the need to logging in to your Docparser account and manually uploading the documents. This integration also allows you to leverage the shared folder functionality of Google Drive. Connecting a shared Google Drive folder to your Docparser account is a convenient way to give your entire team an easy way to upload documents to your parser, without handing out access to your Docparser dashboard.

How to get data from Google Drive

  • To get started, you need to connect your Google Drive account by navigating to the ‘Integrations’ section in your document parser.
    • When connecting your account, a secure authentication flow (oAuth2) is used and your Google account credentials are never shared with our servers.
  • Once your Google Drive account is connected to Docparser, you are asked to select a directory where you plan to store the documents which you want to process with Docparser.
  • Once you defined a specific folder in your Google Drive account, Docparser checks the folder every couple of minutes for new documents.
    • Whenever new documents are found, the integration automatically imports them to your document parserG

Automatically pull documents from your Google Drive account and get structured data in return.

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