How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase

PDF and scanned documents are widely used to exchange information pertaining to a variety of documents including contracts, invoices, price lists, sales and purchase orders, HR forms, bank statements and more.  However, because these documents are considered finalized versions, often times the data is not easily editable so extracting the information in a usable format can be a challenging and tedious task that usually required manual intervention! Continue reading “How JuicedTech Leverages Docparser With QuickBase”

Docparser Adds OCR And PDF Data Extraction To Microsoft Flow And PowerApps

At Docparser, we recently launched a new partnership with Microsoft. Yes, you read right … Microsoft! To be more precisely, Docparser is now officially part of the Microsoft Flow and Microsoft PowerApps ecosystem.

We are very excited about this new integration platform partnership as it will allow our customers to easily connect Docparser to their favorite Microsoft products (Office 365, OneDrive, MS Access, …). But this is not all. Microsoft Flow supports literally hundreds of third party cloud applications which you can connect to Docparser. Not to mention that this new integration also brings Docparser closer to companies running on the Azure cloud. Microsoft saw a huge shift towards the cloud during the last years and we are happy to be a part of this movement. Continue reading “Docparser Adds OCR And PDF Data Extraction To Microsoft Flow And PowerApps”