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Extract important data from Word, PDF and image files. Send to Excel, Google Sheets and 100’s of other formats and integrations.

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How it works

Docparser identifies and extracts data from Word, PDF and image based documents using Zonal OCR technology, advanced pattern recognition and with the help of anchor keywords. There are 3 steps to set up your document parser.


Upload / Import Document

Either upload your document directly, connect to cloud storage (Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive), email your files as attachments or use the REST API.

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Define Rules

Train Docparser to extract the data you need, with zero coding. Select preset rules specific to your PDF or image document, using options that fit your document type.

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Download / Export Data

Either download directly to Excel, CSV, JSON or XML formats, or connect Docparser to hundreds of cloud applications, such as Zapier, Workato, MS Power Automate and more.

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Parse your documents

Choose from a selection of Docparser rules templates, or build your own custom document rules.

Template Types

Parse invoices icon


Extract important invoice data, then integrate with your accounting system or download as a spreadsheet. Pull data such as reference number, dates, totals or line items.

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Parse purchase orders icon

Purchase Orders

Extract purchase order data and move it directly to your order management system, accounting system or any endpoint of your choice.

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Bank statement to Excel icon

Bank Statements

Convert credit card and bank statements into spreadsheets such as Excel, or another format for your accounting system.

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Template Types

Parse contract agreements icon

Contracts & Agreements

Extract recurring data from all types of legal agreements, such as rental & leasing contracts, warranty & insurance agreements or form based contracts.

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Parse HR forms icon

HR Forms & Applications

Easily pull data HR forms, such as enrollment forms, application forms, reports, feedback forms, payroll or any other HR related documents and convert into an actionable format of your choice.

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Parse shipping orders icon

Shipping Orders & Delivery Notes

For brick & mortar stores, dropshipping businesses, or anything in between, automate processing of your delivery and shipping notes, including barcodes and QR codes.

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Product price list to Excel icon

Product & Price Lists

Extract tables from PDF product lists and input to your POS, eCommerce site or even Excel. Even parsing scanned documents is easy with the built-in OCR PDF Scanner feature.

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Build Your Own Templates

If one of our quick start templates aren't suitable for your needs, you can build your own rules from scratch. Here are our Top 5 most popular rule creation solutions.

Zonal OCR icon

Zonal OCR

Drag a rectangle to outline the data area you’d like to select.

Extract table data icon

Extract Table Data

Define rows/ columns by dragging/ dropping column dividers into place.

Scanned image processing icon

Scanned Image Preprocessing

Deskew images, remove scanning artifacts and other image imperfections.

Checkboxes and Radios icon

Checkboxes & Radio Buttons

Form data responses are recognized and the responses extracted.

Barcode & QR Code reader icon

Barcode & QR Code Selection

Process Barcode and QR-codes with the built-in scanner.

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Docparser has reduced processing time of some orders from many hours down to minutes. By removing rekeying we have also increased order accuracy and reduced errors. Read more...

With Docparser we were able to fully automate the entire process and we save several hours each week. Read more...

Construction Monitor

We reviewed several OCR solutions. [...] With Docparser we found a system that was amazingly simple to use at a fraction of the price of every other system we had reviewed. Read more...


We receive hundreds of invoices, order confirmations and shipping notices from our suppliers every day. We were looking for a tool that could digest all different types of documents and convert them to clean and structured data. This is exactly what Docparser does! Read more...


Docparser has allowed us to use PDF's to fully automate our job management system. Unlike other systems we looked at, Docparser gives us flexibility and control over how the data is being extracted. Read more...

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