Extract Data with This Flexible Parseur Alternative

Parseur Alternative

Extract data from PDFs, Word docs, and image files in minutes—no coding involved. Use this flexible Parseur alternative to automate all your document-based workflows.

The Top Alternative to Parseur

Extract your data from Word, PDF and image files with Docparser. Send to 100’s of formats and integrations.

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Build Custom Parsers in Minutes for All Your Document-Based Workflows

Are you looking for a Parseur alternative that is easy to use and flexible enough to cover all your document parsing needs? Give Docparser a try.

Docparser uses zonal OCR, advanced pattern recognition, and keyword anchoring to extract data from documents and structure it the way you want. Here’s how it works.

1) Choose from our library of quick-start templates

Docparser has a large library of templates for common use cases: invoices, contracts, forms, etc. Pick the template that matches your document or create one from scratch with the Custom Template option.

Docparser Templates

2) Upload sample documents

Upload one or several sample documents to use as a basis for building your custom document parser. You can upload documents in various ways, from direct upload to email attachments, connecting your document storage provider, or using our REST API.

Upload Documents

3) Create Parsing Rules

Docparser uses Parsing Rules to isolate data fields, extract, and format them as required. If you have selected a quick-start template, it will automatically create a set of Parsing Rules. You can freely edit these Rules, delete them, and add new ones.

To create a Parsing Rule, select a type of Rule (e.g. text, table, person name, phone number, etc.) and outline the relevant data field on your sample document. You can then add filters to refine the parsing results and formatting.

Docparser Data Parsing Rules

4) Download or export your data

Once your document is parsed, you can download the parsed data in different formats (XLS, CSV, JSON, or XML) or export it to a cloud application. Choose from a vast array of integration options (Google Sheets, Zapier, Microsoft Power Automate, etc.) to move your data wherever you want.

Outbound Integrations

Setting up your first Parser can take as little as 15 minutes. You can create multiple Parsers for different use cases and customize each one to get perfect parsing results. In case you get stuck, just reach out to us and we will help you get your Parser up and running.

Try Docparser Today

Create your account today and explore the automation possibilities offered by this flexible Parseur alternative.

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Docparser vs Parseur Comparison

Docparser Parseur
Free trial
Free version with no time litmit
Pricing plans Starter: $32.5/month
Professional: $61.5/month
Business: $133/month
Enterprise: custom quote
$0.39 per page
Enterprise: custom quote
Price for 100 credits per month $32.5/month
1 parsing credit = 1 document of up to 5 pages
1 parsing credit = 1 page
Pre-set templates
Text extraction
Table extraction
OCR data extraction
API tool
Custom parser creation
Multi-layout parsing
Template-based parsing logic X
Parser version control X
Barcode and QR reading X
Handwriting recognition X
Upload formats PDF
Download formats Excel
Direct integrations Google Drive
Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel
Google Drive
Google Sheets
Microsoft Excel
Power Automate
Third-party integration platforms Zapier
Microsoft Power Automate
Claris Connect
Microsoft Power Automate
Custom integrations Webhooks
Languages supported English
60+ languages
Knowledge base
Live online X
Webinars X
In-person X
Customer support
Email support
Phone support X
Parsing assistant X

Why Choose Docparser?

Build and customize multiple Parsers

Start with a template then add Parsing Rules as needed to customize your Parser. Build multiple Parsers for all your data capture needs, including complex documents.

Docparser helps you prevent the cost of human error, improve data quality, and boost productivity across your organization.

Benefits of Document Automation

Thousands of integration options

Send your data anywhere you want to automate all of your document-based workflows. Zapier in particular lets you move data to thousands of cloud apps, from Quickbooks to Slack, Gmail, MySQL, and more.

Ample training and support

We have plenty of documentation, tutorial videos, and webinars to teach you how to fully use Docparser’s capabilities. Plus, you can request support via email, chart or phone and even get a dedicated parsing assistant. Unlike Parseur, our support team is available in the US time zones.

Training and support

How Docparser Works in Action

What Customers Have to Say

“So much time saved!! I’m fairly new to Docparser, but can say that it has saved me so much time.”

“The ease of setting up a new document is fantastic. The biggest issue I’ve had in the past with other services is that it is rarely consistent with the accuracy when parsing the information. I use it to pull information from sales leads that come in by email with a PDF attachment that contains the lead information.”

— Scott K., Branch Manager

“Essential for Streamlining Processes”

“The ease of creating parsing templates for customer Purchase Orders, and a variety of other business forms has been an essential component of streamlining our processes. The API integration to our existing software systems eliminates manual data entry errors, while preventing users from having to learn yet another piece of software.”

— Lee D., Director of Informations Systems

“The best tool to structure your data from incoming documents”

“Really easy to set up and use. Super accurate to find the data in different document formats, even if it’s not always in the same location every time. Best thing is being able to get the information in an easy to use format to then process however you like.”

— Matt B.

Frequently Asked Questions

What document formats can Docparser process?

Docparser can process PDFs (native or scanned), Word documents, and image documents (PNG, JPG, and TIFF).

How long does it take to parse a document?

It will typically take less than a minute for your document to get parsed. Keep in mind that the parsing speed may vary depending on file size and the speed of your internet connection.

How many pages can a document have?

Docparser can process documents that have up to 30 pages. We can increase the number of pages per document on a case-by-case basis depending on your needs.

Is Docparser secure?

Yes. Protecting user data is a core priority for us and hundreds of businesses are processing sensitive documents with Docparser every day. We use bank-level encryption and our servers are regularly updated with the latest security patches. To learn more, read our data security statement.

Can Docparser parse emails?

While you can import documents into Docparser as email attachments, Docparser is not designed to extract data directly from emails. If you want to parse emails, we recommend using Mailparser, the sister app to Docparser that focuses on email parsing.

Feel free to explore our knowledge base to learn more about Docparser. Have any questions? Let us know and we’ll be in touch.

Try This Easy and Flexible Parseur Alternative

Build your custom parser in minutes and start extracting data with zero coding or errors. Send parsed data to 100’s of formats and integrations and streamline all your document-based workflows.

No credit card required.