Auto-capture your invoices, bills, and receipts with Docparser + Sage

Docparser automatically imports invoices, receipts, bills, and other documents to Sage for you, saving you time and money.

sage integration

Here are a few things you can do when you connect Docparser and Sage:


Create Sage Online Invoices

Docparser can extract data from a PDF and send it to Sage to create invoices.

Organize Business Transactions

Docparser can pull business transaction information from a PDF and send it to Sage for easy organizing.

Import Receipts, Bills, and Invoices

Docparser can also extract data from receipts and send them to Sage automatically, saving you hours of labor.

Say goodbye to tedious data entry

Use Docparser’s Zapier + Sage integration to get your accounting data into Sage automatically by the click of a button.

Automatically create and import expense reports

Eliminate time-consuming hours spent on data entry, errors, and backtracking. With Docparser, you can automatically import invoices, receipts, bills and other documents to your Sage account through Zapier integration using intelligent OCR scanning technology. 

sage integration

Organize your customer information 

With Docparser, you can import invoices, receipts, bills and other documents into Sage and run them through a Zapier workflow that automatically generates expense reports. Get the most out of your customer data with this powerful combination of tools. 

Sage + Docparser = Faster Data Entry

Say goodbye to hours of data entry. Docparser will pull out specific data fields like Purchase Order Number, Date, Shipping Address, and other tabular data from your documents and send them Sage.

Data extraction made easy

With Docparser you can extract data from your PDF documents in a few clicks and export it to Sage automatically. 

No credit card required. 

Here's all you need to get started:

  • Docparser account
  • Zapier account. Heads up that Sage is a premium app on Zapier, which means it requires a paid Zapier account after the free 2-week trial expires
  • A Sage account

Frequently Asked Questions about Docparser's Sage Integration

How do I set up the Sage integration with Docpaser?

Use this Docparser Zapier integration to automatically create Sage invoices from data parsed via Docparser. That way, you can generate invoices or insert data with minimal effort.

1) Start by creating a Zap that automatically takes your new parsed documents and creates an invoice in Sage. Click the “Use this Zap” button here to get started.

2) In Docparser, navigate to My Account > API Credentials and copy your secret API key. Use this key to authenticate your Docparser account with Zapier.

3) Choose the document parser from the drop down from which you want to obtain the parsed data. Make sure you have at least one recently parsed document created in Docparser. This data will be used to create the framework of your Zapier automation.

4) Next, you’ll create your Action step, creating a Sage invoice from the parsed document data. Connect your Sage account to Zapier.

5) This is the most important step of setting up your Zap. You’re telling Zapier what to do with the new parsed data it’s grabbing from Docparser. Use the drop downs in each Sage field to map the parsed data to an invoice. You’re creating a blueprint for all future instances of the trigger event to follow.

If your parsed data includes an email address, you can also use that data to search for an existing Sage customer.

6) After testing that step, your Zap will be turned on and you’re ready to go! From now on, files uploaded to your designated parser will automatically create Sage invoices for your customers.

Now you’re connected! 

Can I send multiple invoices to Sage?

Yes, either upload a single invoice or in batches.

Do I need to connect Doparser to Zapier to use the Sage integration?

Yes, to use Docparser’s integration, you will need a Zaiper account. Go here for more information. 

What is Docparser?

Docparser is a web-based document processing tool that uses OCR, advanced pattern recognition, and keyword anchoring to identify and extract data from documents. You can use it to extract data from recurring documents like invoices and bank statements.

What other integrations does Docparser have?

Docparser allows for thousands of integrations. For instance, you can move parsed documents to cloud-based services like Google Sheets as well as integration platforms like Zapier. Learn more about our integrations here.

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we offer a free 21-day trial. If you love Docparser, you can upgrade to a paid plan at any time.

Automate your work with Docparser

Create expense reports, organize business transactions, import invoices, receipts, bills, and send them to Sage.

No credit card required.