Flexible PDF Parsing Solutions for Consultants

Our PDF parsing solution offers consultants and data scientists a major opportunity to access and leverage data trapped in PDF files

Access and leverage data trapped in PDF files

Let’s face it, consultants cover one of the widest range of clientele in the world, with different business models, in different industries. Whether your consultancy offers turn-key solutions, or a more silo’d approach our PDF parsing solution offers a major opportunity to increase productivity, and accuracy, while dramatically improving workflow. Essentially, if your clients receive PDF’s, as part of their day-to-day operations, and their business could benefit from having an automated way to extract structured data, then read on.

At klarhed.com we help companies unlock procurement to drive growth. To do so we deep mine our clients data, including invoices. For intelligent processing of PDF documents, we use Docparser. It is a very flexible yet simple tool that performs at lightning speed. Moreover, it is important for us to partner with service providers that listen and quickly respond to our request for improvements – we find Docparser to be an optimal partner in this regard. We chose Docaparser over a long list of competitors due to the flexibility, speed, and scalability of the platform; we have not been disappointed. Docparser comes highly recommended.

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How Docparser can help you

Docparser is a cloud PDF processing software that provides flexible data extraction and conversion solutions for businesses worldwide. Need to extract tables from PDF’s? How about single points of extraction, like email addresses, phone numbers, totals, dates, etc? Maybe both?

Docparser can extract singular data from fixed or variable locations, and using our smart filters, you only need to select the general location to extract the data you need. Table row parsing is a snap too, as you can define the column breaks and the overall area that the table resides. Now that you have the data parsing rules setup, you have all kinds of options to make this structured data actionable.

Integrate, download or send to nearly any endpoint with our api

Docparser offers a wide range on integration options. Documents can be manually uploaded, sent as email attachments, imported through one of our integration partner or with our REST HTTP API. Once the data got parsed from documents, it can be made available in various file formats (Excel, JSON, XML) or automatically sent to any private API or hundreds of software products in real time thanks to our Zapier and Workato integration.

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