Frequently Asked Questions

What does “parsing credit” mean?

Every Docparser subscription comes with a certain amount document parsing credits. Each time a document is parsed for the first time, a certain amount of document parsing credits are deducted from your account.

What else is included?

All other Docparser features which are not listed above can be considered unlimited.. This includes unlimited parsing rules, unlimited data downloads, unlimited integrations and much more. We will also be happy to give you a basic training free of charge.

What about security? Can Docparser be used for sensitive documents?

Yes, Docparser is a secure application and can be used for sensitive documents. We take security and data privacy very seriously.

What type of documents can be processed?

Docparser can extract data from PDFs and scanned documents (PNG, JPG & TIFF). If you upload a scanned document, Docparser will use advanced OCR technology to convert your image file into machine-readable text.

Do you offer annual payments?

Yes, we do! All monthly plans are also available as yearly subscriptions. When subscribing to a yearly plan, you’ll get two months for free which equals to a reduction of 16.7%. For Business and tailored yearly plans, we also offer the possibility to pay by invoice.

How many credits points are deducted for one document?

One parsing credit point covers one document with up to five pages. For documents with more than five pages, more parsing credits will be deducted according to our parsing credit grid.

Can Docparser be installed on-premise?

Docparser is a cloud-only application and can not be installed on-premise.

What happens when I’m running out of document parsing credits?

Whenever you run out of credits, imported documents will be queued up for parsing. Once new credits are available, all previously imported documents will be processed.

How many pages can a document have?

Docparser was primarily designed to handle “small” documents (Invoices, Purchase Orders, Work Orders, Insurance Forms, …). By default, documents are limited to 30 pages. This value can be increased on a case-by-case basis depending on your documents and parsing needs.

How long does processing a document take?

We are committed to keep the time it takes for a document to get processed as short as possible, even during peak hours. We aim for less than a minute between reception and finished processing.

Do you support document parsing of other languages besides English?

Absolutely! Our parsing engine is extracting text data based on the position inside the document. The language of the document doesn’t play any role. All text data is then encoded in UTF8 which includes foreign character sets.

What if I need more credits in a given month?

Monthly customers can easily purchase extra credits as needed or enable automated credit replenishment before running out. Annual customers plans will renew automatically for a new term if the credits run out before the year is completed.

Can I cancel, up- or downgrade my subscription any time?

You can cancel, upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time. Once you change your plan, the monthly payment will automatically be adjusted with the next billing cycle. If you upgrade, you can use the additional quota right away.

Do you offer one time payments?

Docparser was primarily designed for customers who need to process documents on a regular basis. Our pricing is therefore based on a subscription model and document credits are reset monthly.