PDF Metadata – Overview

PDF metadata, or “data about data” provides additional information about a PDF file. Potential metadata could be author, the date of creation, the application that was used to create the file, and more. This information is added to the file when it is created, or can be added along the way, additionally the metadata can be removed if needed.

One of the more popular use cases for this PDF metadata is when classifying documents in your Document Management System. This allows you to search the DMS for the PDF that you are looking for, by date, keyword, author, etc. Metadata fields can be added, edited or deleted from PDF’s too, with the proper software.

How to view metadata

Suppose you want to look at the metadata for a PDF document. In Adobe Acrobat, simply choose File > Properties, click the Description tab, and then click Additional Metadata. This will show your options to Add/Edit/Delete. See below for an example of what this could look like.

pdf metadata

Why would you want to add/edit/delete PDF metadata?

There are many reasons. If you plan on public use you might want to have the credentials of the publisher listed. You might want to edit the existing metadata and update certain areas to better classify the data in your DMS. Or, you might want it stripped of any metadata to ensure that no one has access to information that you might not like to share. There are many reasons why you would want access to this information, so now that you know how to find it take the first step, and look into your documents, to see if they are telling people what you intended!

Docparser users have asked for our software to interact with this unique data field. Stay tuned for more options to utilize PDF metada with the Docparser app. Have questions? Contact us today.

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  1. I have a project which requires the addition of custom XMP metadata to PDF files. The custom metadata is based on the contents of the PDF file. Does docparser have this capability?

    1. Thanks for asking Brian! So far we don’t have the possibility to access the XMP metadata of a PDF file. We are however having this on our road-map and I’ll make sure to contact you once we have something to show you.

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