How Converting Word to Excel Can Improve Employee Effectiveness by 40%

Converting Word to Excel

If manually copy and pasting data from Word documents to Excel is part of your daily workflow, we understand how frustrating and time consuming this can be. From hunting down the right document to finding the right information to copying and pasting the data and sharing it with colleagues, employee effectiveness ends up being seriously […]

7 Back-Office Processes Manufacturers Can Automate to Save Millions

7 Back-Office Processes Manufacturers Use to Save Millions

The manufacturing industry is certainly no stranger to automation. While production processes on the factory floor have seen astounding advances every decade for the past forty years, back-office processes have tended to lag behind, and many manufacturing companies are still drowning in paper, repetitive manual tasks, and legacy systems.

10 Retail Store Automation Examples That Save Hours Each Day!

retail automation examples solutions

Retail store owners and mom-and-pop shops all over the word are steadily introducing retail automation tools and software into their brick-and-mortar businesses. The benefits are just too irresistible. Whether you’re a bootstrapped SaaS company or a B2B business, automating parts of your small business can literally save hours of work each day for store owners […]