Docparser Change History

All releases occur on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 1200EST


    -Added secondary column check option for Group & Merge Rows table filter


    -Added FTP import integration
    -Added global webhook alert setting
    -Added OCR processing options
    -Improved table data recognition


    -Increased server count


    -Fixed table parsing bug where line item rows would get bunched together on a single row


    -Added Keep Rows Where… is a date filter type
    -Improved automatic rotation for newly-created parsers


    -Added additional credit purchase self-service
    -Parser menu item tweaks

JULY 30:

    -Added tooltip prompts on new parser creation
    -Added Calculate a New Column table filter
    -Changed routing for initial parser selection to Documents page
    -Further architecture updates to improve UI, processing speed

JULY 28:

    -Fixed Google Drive integration bug where it would not pull more than 100 files
    -‘Use for following pages’ button is now always accessible when cropping OCR selection on a document

JULY 23:

    -Moved create parser button to top of homepage panel view
    -Parsing rule editor overhaul on parser creation
    -Architecture updates to improve processing times

JULY 16:

    -Added sample document functionality when creating a parser
    -Reworked parser UI, account dropdown, and account settings menus

JULY 14:

    -Reworked create parser, upload document pages
    -Backend upgrades for processing, page load speeds

JULY 07:

    -Updated subscriptions tab with slider system
    -Reworked keep/drop page preprocessing functionality

JUNE 30:

    -Accessibility updates
    -Added API method to get back a list of model layouts inside of a parser
    -Removed document deletion logs in parser UIs

JUNE 23:

    -Added Google Single Sign-On
    -Amended French dictionary definitions

JUNE 18:

    -Added two new duplicate parser buttons, under parser dropdown options and in settings tab of each parser
    -Increased poll time for cloud upload sources (Google Drive, Dropbox, Box) from 3 minutes to 10 minutes
    -Improvements to UI Page load
    -OCR load balance improvements

JUNE 16:

    -Servers updated

JUNE 11:

    -Added Add-ons page
    -Added Parsing Assistant add-on

JUNE 09:

    -Signup page improvements for mobile view

JUNE 02:

    -Fixed a bug where a user’s subscription could be inadvertently changed
    -Added Webinar popup

MAY 28:

    -Fixed an issue with filenames being altered on import in some situations
    -Added retry logic for files that get stuck in import queue
    -UI Page load improvements

MAY 26:

    -Redundant automatic rotation disabled

MAY 21:

    -Added Claris Connect integration
    -Fixed a page load issue when logging into a parser from the in-app homepage caused by Recent Activity tab
    -Blog security updates

MAY 19:

    -Reworked Fetch Document From URL API functionality
    -Typo fixes

MAY 14:

    -Google Drive integration repaired

MAY 12:

    -Updated About Us page
    -Typo fixes

MAY 04:

    -Homepage updates


    -Reworked multi-user sign on feature (in beta)


    -Released freemium model
    -Updates to homepage, blog


    -Reworked API upload functionality


    -AWS updates
    -User database updates